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Professor Pundits: VICTORY…for Political Scientists

It’s all about the data. Wrapping up their year-long series of commentaries about the presidential election, Middlebury’s Professor Pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson note that scientific forecasting models really do work to predict election results. Hear what the pundits have to say in their final commentary on the 2012 election.

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How True Drew? Linzer Still Sees Obama As A Heavy Favorite

Emory University political scientist Drew Linzer, who created and runs the Votamatic website, paid a visit to Middlebury College last Wednesday to discuss why, based on his forecast model, he believes President Obama is still the heavy favorite to win … Continue reading

Professor Pundits: Who’s Ahead? It’s Debatable.

After weeks of build up, the first of three presidential debates is behind us. Who won? Both sides seem to think Mitt Romney clinched the debate. Will that give his campaign a boost? And why is it that the polls have showed Obama steadily inching ahead of Romney, yet political scientists consider the race a dead heat? Professor Pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson talk debates, ad strategy, and many other factors that will impact the election in these final weeks. If you have questions about the presidential campaign for the pundits, email them to pundits@middlebury.edu.


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Professor Pundits: Things That Go Bump…Or Not

As political convention season comes to a close, presidential debate season begins. So, did either candidate get a “bump” from the conventions? In their newest installment, professor pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson say the whole idea of a bounce in the polls from the conventions may be a thing of the past. According to the pundits, several factors, including fragmented media coverage, are responsible for this trend. See what Matt and Bert have to say in the video below, and please send any presidential election-related questions to pundits@middlebury.edu.

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