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Professor Pundits: The Expectations Game

We’re almost to election day. What could happen in the last few days to significantly change the trajectory of the race? Well, historically, not much. But then again, the unexpected doesn’t usually give much notice. Middlebury “Professor Pundits” Bert Johnson and Matt Dickinson fill us in on expectations, the electoral college, and what to look for on election night in their final pre-election installment.

Matt and Bert will host an election-night gathering at the Grille in McCullough Student Center. Please join them if you’re in town, or follow their live-blogging and tweets. On Twitter, Matt is @Mattdickinson44 and Bert is @bnjohns.

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Professor Pundits: Will Women Decide the Presidential Race?

According to the latest polls, the presidential race is tightening and the gender gap is closing. Obama has held a strong lead among women voters, but that lead seems to be vanishing, and the reasons might surprise you. Middlebury professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson discuss these issues, the electoral map and advertising strategy in the final weeks of the campaign. If you have questions about the presidential campaign, email Matt and Bert at pundits@middlebury.edu.

Previous Professor Pundit commentaries

Professor Pundits: “Healthcare Ruling: Campaign Friend or Foe?”

Despite Mitt Romney’s surge in fundraising immediately after the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling, both candidates seem to be keeping their distance from the topic. But as our professor pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson point out, that does not mean the ruling won’t be important in this fall’s elections, though maybe not for the reasons you think. Join in the conversation with your comments below.

If you have a question about presidential campaigns, please email us at pundits@middlebury.edu. We’ll do our best to answer your questions in our next video or by email. And, follow the pundits on Twitter: @bnjohns and @mattdickinson44. Past episodes of the Pundits.