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2020: Islamic Scholarship Fund Application- Deadline date: March 21


What is ISF’s mission and why do we provide merit-based scholarships?
Our mission is to increase American Muslim representation in media and politics in order to improve public opinion and public policy. We are achieving that goal by empowering students and professionals through academic scholarships, film grants, mentorships, internships and fellowships.

How many scholarships has ISF awarded in the past?
For the last 11 years, ISF has awarded 394 scholarships and grants a total amount of $1.3 million. In 2019, it awarded $227,580 and scholarships ranged  from $3,000-$10,000.

What is the scholarship program timeline?
ISF starts accepting applications in November for a period of 5 months. The deadline to submit a complete application is March 21, 2020. The Selection Committee will review the applications from April-May. Finalists will move to the next round and receive remote interviews in June. Final decision will be made in July and scholarships will be awarded shortly after.  

Click here to learn about the requirements and to apply!

Professor Pundits: VICTORY…for Political Scientists

It’s all about the data. Wrapping up their year-long series of commentaries about the presidential election, Middlebury’s Professor Pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson note that scientific forecasting models really do work to predict election results. Hear what the pundits have to say in their final commentary on the 2012 election.

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Professor Pundits: The Expectations Game

We’re almost to election day. What could happen in the last few days to significantly change the trajectory of the race? Well, historically, not much. But then again, the unexpected doesn’t usually give much notice. Middlebury “Professor Pundits” Bert Johnson and Matt Dickinson fill us in on expectations, the electoral college, and what to look for on election night in their final pre-election installment.

Matt and Bert will host an election-night gathering at the Grille in McCullough Student Center. Please join them if you’re in town, or follow their live-blogging and tweets. On Twitter, Matt is @Mattdickinson44 and Bert is @bnjohns.

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Professor Pundits: Who’s Ahead? It’s Debatable.

After weeks of build up, the first of three presidential debates is behind us. Who won? Both sides seem to think Mitt Romney clinched the debate. Will that give his campaign a boost? And why is it that the polls have showed Obama steadily inching ahead of Romney, yet political scientists consider the race a dead heat? Professor Pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson talk debates, ad strategy, and many other factors that will impact the election in these final weeks. If you have questions about the presidential campaign for the pundits, email them to pundits@middlebury.edu.


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Professor Pundits: What Do You Get for $400 Million?

In their latest video commentary, Middlebury political science professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson look at the Obama campaign’s early massive spending spree — $400 million to date — mostly in battleground states. But despite the big spending, polls show a statistical dead heat between the two candidates. The pundits discuss this and more in their newest chat. And, as always, if you have a question about this presidential campaign for Bert Johnson or Matt Dickinson, please leave a comment below or email: pundits@middlebury.edu.

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Professor Pundits: Is Newt Shaking Up Political Science Wisdom?

Does Newt Gingrich’s convincing win in the South Carolina Republican primary upend some long-held ideas about what’s required to win? Our pundits, professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson, take up this question and other election topics in our latest edition.

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Gaffes, Grievances, and Godfather’s

The Professor Pundits

Professor Pundits: Super PACs and South Carolina

Professor Pundits is our periodic update on the 2012 presidential campaign with political science professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson. In this edition: Bert was in both Iowa and New Hampshire and compares the style and substance of each of the leading candidates he saw. Bert recently offered in-depth observations of Iowa as a guest blogger in Matt’s “Presidential Power” blog.  Matt looks ahead to South Carolina and the challenges the candidates face in that state. And both pundits discuss the major role Super PACs have played so far in the primary.

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Who’s Got Iowa Momentum (And Does It Really Matter?)
Gaffes, Grievances, and Godfather’s

The Professor Pundits