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Virtual How-To: Create Your Own Yes! 

Tired of Hearing No?
Create Your Own Yes!  
Gain insight on strategically managing career rejection.  
Learn how to pivot a no towards a positive outcome. 
Rejection is something that everyone experiences, especially in our careers. Join us for the final Virtual How-To of 2022! This event will help provide you with innovative strategies to break through personal and career barriers.   

We will be raffling ten copies of Angela Hutchinson’s book, “Create Your Yes!” at the end of this event. 

About our Speaker: 

Angela Marie Hutchinson is a television and film producer, author, TV commentator and former social media professor. Recognized as a media and arts trailblazer by the U.S. Congress, Los Angeles mayor and Los Angeles city council, Angela has over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry. She has worked for MGM, Warner Bros. Television and the GRAMMY’s. In 2005, Angela founded BReaKiNG iNTo HoLLyWooD, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps creative and business professionals pursue their careers.

Date: Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Workshop Hours:  2–3:30 pm ET 

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Join us when Theatre wardrobe expert Debi Jolly comes to campus on Thursday, October 20!

Let’s talk about what happens behind the curtain! Join us when wardrobe expert Debi Jolly comes to campus and talks about what the wardrobe crew does to support actors backstage during a run of a show.

Co-sponsored by the Theatre Dept and CCI: Center for Careers& Internships

Date: Thursday, October 20

Time: 1:30-4:15pm

Location: Green Room, The Wright Memorial Theater – 96 Chateau Road, Middlebury VT 05753


Learn more about creating your online portfolio website – Tuesday, October 18 at 6pm!

Join Wix staff to learn more about creating your online portfolio website. We’ll cover how to plan a website, how to use the Wix platform, and explore professional design features. Have your laptop on hand to discover the basics in creating a Wix website as well as features to take your portfolio to the next level. And… a one-year FREE Wix premium plan to the first 25 attendees! Click here to register for the event!

New York Foundation for the Arts Top Stories

Voices of Lime: Intersecting identities of Hispanic and Latine people with disabilities – Thursday, September 22!

Join Lime Connect and Jeff Soto, Head of Talent Acquisition, Americas at Sony Music who has lived experience with these intersecting identities, as he moderates a panel discussion with Lime Connect’s Hispanic and Latine Network members who live with disabilities.

During this discussion they will explore how disability intersects with a person’s race and ethnicity and how this intersection impacts a Hispanic and Latine person’s approach to disclosure, networking, the career search, and work in general.

Click here to register for the event and to learn more about the Lime Network!

Adobe Max – The Creativity Conference (free virtual event) Tuesday, October 26- Wednesday, October 27!

Inspiration is their superpower. Be inspired by expert speakers in more than 400 sessions. Join the conference for an extraordinary virtual experience to find inspiration, connect with creatives from around the world, and learn the best ways to bring your best ideas to life. Open to all, at no cost. Click here to register!