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Middlebury Community Music Center Internship Opportunity

Middlebury Community Music Center (MCMC) is a nonprofit organization that hosts music learning of all kinds for community members of all ages, located in a beautiful historic building on Main Street in Middlebury. Private lessons, group classes, workshops, summer camps are offered year-round. MCMC believes in collaboration and bringing together different types of music under one roof.

The arts administration intern position provides key administrative support in a variety of areas ensuring smooth operations and growth in this dynamic emerging arts organization. Responsibilities include carrying out administrative projects and communications; involves assistance with new enrollment, social media updating, marketing, community outreach, fundraising, copy writing, and website maintenance. 

Candidate must possess self-initiative, organizational astuteness, willingness to follow processes, excellent preparation and reporting, the desire to build community relationships, hospitality, outstanding written and verbal communication skills and expertise with MS Office and Google Systems required. Social media experience and visual and creative skills strongly preferred. Interest in the arts and enthusiasm for music education is a plus! 

Below you will find a list of potential projects you might work on as an intern.

-Monthly Teacher Newsletter

-Occasional Full Community Newsletter

-MCMC private lessons enrollment push (newsletter and maybe a flier/print ad)

If you are interested to learn more about this opportunity, please contact me at agomez@middlebury.edu.

MIDD GIG -Broadway Podcast Network Job Opportunity


The Broadway Podcast Network (BPN) is a fast paced, quickly growing startup bringing Broadway and Broadway-adjacent content to the realm of podcasting. We are looking for individuals who love performing and the arts, are interested in cutting-edge technology, have a keen attention to detail, do not mind working remotely, and are extremely self-motivated. 

Publicity Intern primary responsibilities include systematically reading through all podcast and episode descriptions (past and future) on the BPN website in order to:

  • Review press releases prior to distribution for errors or grammatical and to learn the fundamentals of what are required
  • Explore podcasts outside of BPN that may be interested in our podcast hosts as guests
  • Really get to know the podcasters on our network, and help determine outlets which may be interested in them as guests
  • Really get a deep understanding of our current slate of podcasts and develop ideas on how to grow our listenership
  • Read Broadway and Broadway-adjacent news items to keep abreast of what is happening in the theater community, and report back to the team
  • Work closely with the Director of Communication on PR/Communications strategy for the network
  • Help with event planning as it relates to publicity for the network
  • Help with the BPN Newsroom, ie: write stories on new podcasts or profiles on podcasters

Podcast / Events Intern

  • Really get a deep understanding of our current slate of podcasts and develop ideas on how to grow our listenership
  • Help with event planning / live events
  • Read Broadway and Broadway-adjacent news items to keep abreast of what is happening in the theater community, and compile a list of relevant events for our weekly news show
  • Help write, create run-of-show, and create our weekly news show
  • Review our website for mistakes, spelling, grammatical errors, or tech issues
  • Work directly with podcasters in regards to supporting their podcasts and various needs

Social Media Intern

  • Deep understanding and interest in social media marketing
  • Engage with audiences on platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and conduct social listening
  • Help brainstorm social media content and maintain content calendar
  • Create Instagram stories 
  • Reach and keep track of influencer information
  • Moderate knowledge of Broadway shows/actors
  • Social Media Marketing Experience preferred


Required skills include:

  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely
  • Experience with Google Docs & Google Sheets

You’re also perfect for this job if you have:

  • Experience with Forms
  • PR or Marketing experience or Major (Publicity / SM Assistant) 
  • Started your own podcast
  • A love for performing that can never be diminished

Click here to apply for the job opportunity in Midd2Midd!

The Actor’s Guide to Reimagining Our Lives – Thursday, June 24 @ 12pm EST

Actors Kevin Kilner and Jordan Baker-Kilner will join Farouk Dey, Vice Provost at Johns Hopkins University for a thought provoking conversation about the future of movies, television, and theater post Covid-19. Kevin and Jordan will also share inspirational advice about chasing our dreams when facing adversity.

Click here to register for the event scheduled for Thursday, June 24 at 12pm EST.

Adapting in Crisis: Case Studies of Resilience in the Arts

Priya Sircar, Director/Arts, Knight Foundation

In the year since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, “pivot” has been the word of the day—every day. The word has become so (over)used that it has begun to lose its meaning. What does it really mean to “pivot” successfully? To what, and how? 

For many arts and culture organizations, choosing a new direction felt a bit scattershot, as if they were trying anything and everything just to keep functioning, earning income and keeping artists employed. Certainly, organizations of all types found themselves suddenly changing plans . . . some nimbly, some not. But amid evolving public health protocols and uncertainty about how long such conditions would last, decision making was understandably difficult. 

As a supporter of arts organizations, we have been engaging with grantees in our communities throughout the pandemic. We’ve often asked: How are organizations figuring out which direction to go in? And have certain skills or traits helped them to weather the storm? 

Organizations in Detroit and Philadelphia entered the pandemic fresh off of a training program in adaptive capacity, provided by EmcArts and supported by Knight Foundation in partnership with the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan (in Detroit). To understand the short- and medium-term impacts of the four-month training program, Knight enlisted WolfBrown to conduct a study with participants in each cohort. While we do not yet know the long-term effects of the training, this initial follow-up gave us some insight into how the training was impacting the organizations. For some, the pandemic accelerated the application of what they had learned. Some were still internalizing the concepts and tools they had gained, while others found ways to use newfound skills to identify a way forward. In some cases, additional guidance beyond the introductory training would have been helpful, especially given the severity of the conditions in which organizations have been trying to apply the new information. Clearly, the ability to adapt is a critical skill for organizations, now more than ever. 

For many of us, this last year has been a crucible in which we have been tested, have clarified our purpose and, in some ways, come through stronger. These organizations also tested, honed and applied the lessons of their training, in ways both conscious and unconscious. Here we share a few of their stories that have inspired us and helped us understand how we might not just pivot, but also adapt intentionally and effectively to an ever-changing and unpredictable world. We hope they might do the same for you.

Click here to read the four stories.

Mellon Announces $125 Million “Creatives Rebuild New York” Initiative to Reactivate the State’s Creative Economy and Provide Artists with the Critical Support They Need

(NEW YORK, NY — June 3, 2021) The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation today announced details for Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY), a three-year, $125 million initiative to reactivate New York State’s creative economy and secure the future of its artists.  Part of the state-led recovery plan for New York, CRNY is a two-part workforce initiative that will provide artists with either full-time employment opportunities or guaranteed income to remedy the devastating economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read the press release!