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MIIS Staff Advisory Team Posts Monthly Meeting Agenda

The MIIS Staff Advisory team will post agenda items for monthly meetings (the first Tuesday of the month from 12-1pm in MG 102) the week before the meeting on our updated WordPress site.

Upcoming events including an Open House sponsored by Student Services at the Monterey SportsCenter located at 301 E. Franklin Street in downtown Monterey Sunday, October 14 from approximately 5:30-7:30pm. Faculty, staff, and families are encouraged to attend. This event is free to the MIIS community.

New ‘Magical Pinhole Photography’ Exhibit in Samson Reading Room

The Committee for Art in Public Places at MIIS will feature 10 images by photographer Martha Casanave starting July 19 in the Samson Center Reading Room.

Casanave’s work includes dreamy images of Leningrad in winter in 1988 using a pinhole camera (film camera with no lens) as well images of Monterey and the Central Coast of California. 

Those on the MIIS campus or in the area are invited to an opening reception from 4:15-7pm in the Samson Reading Room Thursday, July 19.

The exhibit will be in conjunction with a visit later that week from the former US Ambassador to the former Soviet Union 1987-1991, Jack Foust Matlock Jr.

For more information, contact Eduardo Fujii at efujii@miis.edu or visit http://sites.miis.edu/arts.

DIRT Digest – Latest News from the Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry

Photo by Christian Hume on Unsplash

The Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry (DLINQ) has been busy and missed a couple of recent MiddPoints. We have an active blog and weekly updates called “The DIRT”. If you are not yet a subscriber, here’s a digest of recent news and updates from the last few weeks in case you missed them:

In the Works

From our awesome Interns

A Few Evergreen Posts

DLINQ posts its weekly blog series, “The DIRT!” on Tuesdays. This is where you will find updates on projects, news, and developments from staff in our Middlebury, Vermont and Monterey, California based offices. We invite you to subscribe to blog updates, visit our “About” page to learn about our office. Explore our “People” and “Projects” pages where you will find descriptions and links to our areas of work, and learn how to connect with us.

Middlebury Institute 2018 Faculty of Excellence Recipient Announced

Middlebury Institute Vice President Jeff Dayton-Johnson has announced the winner of this year’s Middlebury Institute Faculty Excellence Award – Anne Campbell, Assistant Professor in the International Education Management program.

Nominations for this annual award were opened to the Institute campus community on January 29 and closed on February 28. Nominees were then considered by a selection committee made up of two faculty members, two students, and one member of the Institute Leadership Group.  The committee was faced with what they described as “an extremely strong pool” of 6 nominees, each of whom received careful consideration. At the conclusion of the first round of review, the field was narrowed to several finalists, each of whom exhibited extraordinary dedication both to their students and to the Institute’s commitment to academic excellence. The committee then reviewed recent student evaluations and observed videos of each finalist in the classroom before reaching their decision.

Students in Professor Campbell’s courses raved about their experience in her classroom, noting that her teaching approach exemplifies what it means to be a master in the field of education. She is a master teacher, empathizer, student advocate, researcher, and capacity builder. At the beginning of each course, she orients students on strategies for owning their learning process. Her central recommendation for her students is to be in command of class readings, to question the purpose behind assignments, to discern what is aligned with personal goals, and then to invest energy strategically toward their personal enrichment.  Dr. Campbell has an incredible ability to read her students, empathize and anticipate their concerns, and then respond transparently, authentically, and creatively. Her energy is contagious and her passion for truly equitable and just education systems comes alive through her teaching and her presence.

As this year’s recipient of the Faculty Excellence Award, Professor Campbell will receive a $500 award and will be invited to give the December 2018 Commencement address. Congratulations to Professor Campbell on this recognition of her exceptional commitment to academic excellence and to the students in her classroom.


Latest News from the Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry

Photo by Mark Koch on Unsplash

The Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry (DLINQ) has an active blog and website. Catch up here on recent news and updates in case you missed them:

A Few Evergreen Posts

DLINQ posts a weekly blog series published on Tuesdays newly re-launched as “The Dirt!” where you will find updates on the projects, news, and developments from staff in our Middlelbury, Vermont and Monterey, California based offices. We invite you to subcribe to blog updates, visit our “About” page to learn about our mission and our January 2018 launch. Explore our “People” and “Projects” pages where you will find descriptions and links to our areas of work, and learn how to connect with us.

Guidelines at MIIS for Timesheet Completion and Submission

Due to staffing changes in the MIIS-HR office, and to comply with Federal and State regulations, we would like to remind employees, and especially managers/supervisors, of their responsibilities when it comes to timesheet completion and submission. As you are aware, timesheets are submitted by all employees bi-weekly in order for the Payroll Office (Middlebury) to produce checks/direct deposits. Managers/supervisors are responsible for ensuring the accurate reporting of time worked by employees they supervise, and for approving timesheets before the bi-weekly deadline.  Fulfilling these responsibilities ensures employees are paid correctly every payday.

Highlighted here are a few employee and manager/supervisor responsibilities:

·         Employee:

o   Enter time worked daily to ensure hours are accurately recorded (actual hours worked and not scheduled hours)

o   Verify hours worked, both regular and overtime* (refer to bi-weekly timesheet reminder for overtime and missed meal period information)

o   Submit timesheet by the established departmental deadline

o   GA’s: monitor multiple positions to ensure hours do not overlap

·         Manager/Supervisor:

o   Ensure non-exempt employees enter their time daily

o   Ensure all timesheets are submitted by the established deadline

o   Carefully review timesheets for accuracy: accurate recording of time worked, unpaid meal periods, missed meal periods, overtime (refer to bi-weekly timesheet reminder email for overtime and missed meal period information. Note: requirements are different outside of California)

o   Make necessary arrangements when away from the office (notify proxy or arrange to approve timesheets from your out-of-office location)

Employers are required by California law to maintain an accurate record of employees’ hours of work and compensation for a minimum of four years.  Additionally, California employers are obligated to pay an employee on the established payday even when the employee fails to submit a timesheet.  For these reasons, and in order to meet our legal, fiscal, and employee compensation responsibilities, it is important that managers/supervisors ensure timesheets are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Your efforts in this process are greatly appreciated.


Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Michael Ulibarri