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Gain experience and career readiness this summer through Midd Gigs

Midd Gigs are short-term professional projects offered by Middlebury alumni and parents. Here are some current listings that may be of interest to students interested in social impact and education.

  • Looking for an artist interested in pedagogy or an educator who maintains a serious art practice. Either way, it should be somebody who wants to learn and grow in their practice. Work with The Art Detectives who are looking for a skilled, patient artist-educator in or around New York City to design and implement personalized arts and arts integration curricula for students of all ages and abilities.
  • Work with Thi Hoang ’21 as a Social Media Marketing intern at Boltz.ai, an AgTech startup using AI and quantum machine learning to make agricultural production efficient and sustainable.
  • Climate Four is dedicated to bringing useful information to individuals across the UK and around the world on climate action. We are looking for someone to help us develop a social media plan across four platforms (instagram, facebook, linkedin and twitter) and increase Climate Four’s visibility.
  • Gee & Co.: We are seeking an intern with excellent research and computer skills to assist in editorial tasks for the anthology Nonwhite and Woman: 153 Micro Essays on Being in the World, edited by Darien Hsu Gee and Carla Crujido, and forthcoming from Woodhall Press in 2022 in print and digital. We would especially like to introduce AAPI/BIPOC emerging writers and undergraduate/graduate students to the literary and publication world, but welcome any interested candidate who feels closely aligned to our project.

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Midd Gig: Climate Analytics Science Research on Passenger Transport

This Midd Gig posted in Midd2Midd comes to us from Middelbury alum Clare Waldman ’10, Project Manager, Climate Policy Team: Support the Climate Analytics’ Policy Team in conducting research about the best practices in transport sector. This will involve conducting research about the ways in which emissions from different modes of transport can be reduced while the mobility options increased. While the position is unpaid, you will gain experience in working for a globally recognized climate think tank while contributing to solving the major environmental challenge of our times. If time difference allows, you will also participate in calls with the project partners and project meetings (most project staff are based in Berlin, Germany). Finally, you will also benefit from the research conducted by others, especially in the area of climate mitigation in transport sector.

Posted On: Mar 25, 2021. Post Expires: Apr 23, 2021.

What Constitutes a Gig?
Midd Gigs are short-term, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. These
projects enable Middlebury students and recent graduates to demonstrate skills, explore career paths, and build their networks. They also give alumni and parents access to the talented network of Middlebury undergraduates and recent graduates. Since Midd Gigs are more flexible and shorter-term than traditional internships, they allow you to engage applicants in a broader and more diverse range of projects and initiatives. Past gig sponsors have even hired student project teams to delve into work pertinent to their organizations.

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