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What Do Drones and International Development Have in Common?

Listen to the latest MiddVantage Exploring Careers in Data Analytics interview with Middlebury alum, Kat James ’14 talk as she talks about her career trajectory from a major in Geography to founding her “must”/dream drone company Four Hundred Feet.

Episode 3:  Decade of the Drone in Data Analytics (38 minutes) 
Guest Speaker: Kat James ‘14, Founder, Four Hundred Feet
Interviewer: Brooke Laird ‘22

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c21UCCYNwok

Kat James ’14, Founder, Four Hundred Feet.  As the founder of Four Hundred Feet, Kat helps researchers, NGOs, and governmental organizations leverage drone technology for spatial data collection, supply chain management, and visual storytelling.  She has over a decade of working at the intersection of emerging technologies and global health with experience working in over 10 countries around the world. Kat received a B.A. in Geography (specializing in Geographic Information Systems) and Global Health and has a dual Master’s in Public Health and Information Science from the University of Michigan.

About the Data Analytics series: Data analytics is broken down into four basic types. Descriptive analytics describes what has happened over a given period. Diagnostic analytics focuses more on why something happened and predictive analytics moves to what is likely going to happen in the near term. Finally, prescriptive analytics suggests a course of action. Market watchers project the number of jobs for data professionals in the U.S will increase to over 3 million by 2022. This series includes interviews with many professionals who will share their vantage points on how they use data analytics in their career roles, their paths from campus to career, and career advice they would have for students interested in this career space.

Exploring Careers in Data Analytics is a collaborative series developed by the Center for Careers and Internships and Middlebury in DC with content contributions from members of the Middlebury Professional Network and Middlebury students.

Global Health Info Session October 20 @6-7PM

The Global Health program minor will be hosting an info session on Wednesday, October 20 from 6-7 PM at the Innovation Hub (132 Blinn Lane). This session will be for students interested in the Global Health minor. We will discuss course selection, internships, and ways to fulfill requirements through study abroad. Come check it out!

If you can’t make the session, feel free to reach out to Pam Berenbaum, Director, Global Health Program.

Concerned about food security and environmentalism? Consider applying to Yale University’s annual Food Systems Symposium!!

The 3rd Annual Yale Food Systems Symposium will be held this October 30-31 and the theme for this year’s conference is “New Alliances That Shape a Food Movement.” The keynote speaker will be Olivier De Schutter, former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, and the keynote panel will include Robert Lustig, Dorceta Taylor, […]