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Check out CCI’s NEW futureforward video series!

futureforward features several alumni and parents who are leaders in a variety of career fields, discussing their industry’s current environment, their perspective on the future outlook for that career field, and action steps students can take now to position themselves for entry into those career fields.

Over the last weeks, we have launched interviews with the following alumni:

We launched Shawn Ryan’s videos THIS WEEK – check out one of them below and then check out the FULL series at:

One Door Closes, Another Virtual One Opens

While the pandemic has halted many in-person opportunities, it has also popularized virtual activities.

Conferences, information sessions, and other learning opportunities are one click away and offer valuable career information and advice. Here are some ways to take advantage of these activities.

1. Check Handshake and turn on email notifications

As most students know, Handshake helps students discover and explore internships, jobs, and organizations. However, it also has details for many events that are personalized to your specific career interests. By turning on notifications, you will be kept in the loop with anything that you may want to pursue a career in.

2. Read and subscribe to the CCI blogs

The CCI filters and features a multitude of opportunities regularly on THIS website. Posts will give details about information sessions and provide other valuable job postings. Subscribe by scrolling down to “CareerPath Sign Up” on the left side of any specialization. Fill in your information and check off all of your career interests.

3. Look Beyond

If you have a specific field or company you hope to work for, research it! You may be surprised at all the information that is being conveyed via online sessions. Additionally, many conferences have also pivoted from in-person to digital, causing them to be available at little or no cost.

If you are not familiar with the professional organizations in your field, look up “*field of interest* companies” or talk with a professor or CCI advisor.

Fall Internship Opportunity: Covid Act Now

Covid Act Now is a non-profit 501(c)(3) startup working on COVID disease intelligence

Covid Act Now is backed by Stanford and Georgetown University, and was built by a multidisciplinary team including former Googlers and other technologists. Our mission is to create a national shared understanding of COVID so that governments, health officials, local decision makers, and the public can make informed decisions in response to the pandemic.

Because two Middlebury students are going back to school, the Partnerships team is looking for full-time interns to help out this fall. This position is ideal for recent grads and students who aren’t returning in the fall. 

As a Strategy & Operations interns, you will manage relationships and join calls with many state and local governments and epidemiologists, small businesses, and large corporations such as IBM, who ingests our data to advise the Department of Defense, Netflix, and General Mills. Because Covid Act Now is constantly growing and changing, you will be at the forefront of writing our corporate usage license, as well as several large grants, backed by Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Here is the link to a Google doc explaining more about the position. Although it is unpaid, work with Covid Act Now is extremely rewarding.

New course: INTD 0121 Community-Connected Learning!

Are you civically-minded and want to impact social change in the community? Consider signing up for this class!

INTD 0121 Community Connected Learning

Community-connected learning supports civic knowledge cultivation, skill building, and identity development. In this course students will apply their relevant coursework to place-based contexts by collaborating with community partners independently or in groups to complete a community-connected learning project that will contribute to the public good. Center for Community Engagement (CCE) instructors will meet with students weekly in cohorts to explore the social issues raised in their experiences. Final projects may take a variety of forms, such as a portfolio, media production, or paper. Students who are not already involved with a CCE program should contact the instructor to be matched with a community partner. 3 hrs. lect.

This is a flexible online class, with the choice between an in-person or online discussion section. CCE instructors will meet with students weekly in cohorts to explore the social issues raised in their experiences. Students who are not already involved with a CCE Program should contact Ashley Laux, at alaux@middlebury.edu, to be matched with a community partner.