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Labor Day Floating Holiday

Monday, September 5, is Labor Day, a floating holiday under the College’s holiday policy. Here’s some helpful information to help you record your time in BannerWeb based on a variety of different situations.

If you do not work on Labor Day…

  • All benefits-eligible staff should record CTO if they do not work on a floating holiday (if the holiday falls on a day they would normally work).
  • Non-benefits-eligible staff do not record anything if they do not work.

If you work on Labor Day…

  • Hourly (non-exempt) staff who do work on Labor Day should record their worked hours as usual.
  • Salaried (exempt) staff do not need to make any entry if they work this day.

For more information about floating holidays, please see section 4.4 of the Employee Handbook, online at www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/employee/time_away/holidays.