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ARTS Grads Wanted! Serve with ArtistYear

Do YOU Have a Passion for the Arts and Serving Communities?

Pursuing a service year in the arts may be the right choice for you!

Deadline date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Why ArtistYear?

At ArtistYear we train & place exceptional arts graduates as Resident Teaching Artists (RTAs) to address inequities in creative learning at K-12 schools across the nation.

What is the role of a Resident Teaching Artist (RTA)?

An RTA’s role is to enter into a school community and provide arts instruction or exposure where it may be lacking. RTAs have the opportunity to fill in the gaps in a unique way outside of the parameters of being a teacher or a sub.

Where Can I Serve?

Queens, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Moore & Lee Counties, North Carolina
Denver, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado

How will a service year benefit me?

1.       Build lasting connections with your students and cohort of Resident Teaching Artists.

2.       Receive best in-class professional development grounded in trauma-informed practices and restorative justice

3.       Opportunities to expand your network with ArtistYear alumni and external partners to help inform your career path post service

4.       Financial benefits including a living stipend, education award, and student loan forbearance.

How do I apply?

Applications are now open for the 2023-2024 Program Year! (Positions begin July 2023). Please use this link to submit your application! 

Please feel free to contact Maryanne Braine, Director of Recruiting & Alumni Relations, at maryanne.braine{at}artistyear.org should you have any questions or to schedule a phone call to speak further about the program. 

Learn more at www.artistyear.org!

Middlebury Area Land Trust Looking to Hire a Graduating Senior: Stay in VT to Protect the Land You’ve Learned to Love!

HOT OFF THE PRESS: MALT (Middlebury Area Land Trust) was awarded an AmeriCorps member position for the 2022-2023 year. The position serves 450 hours during any time between September 2022 and August 2023. This is a new format for us and we’re wondering if a Midd student could be a good fit, serving the hours over the course of the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year.  We’d like to recruit a student before the fall so we have time to plan with them before the academic year begins.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • would fit well in a small environmental non-profit setting
  • wants to connect people with the outdoors
  • skills and interest in any combination of mapping, conservation and land stewardship, recreation trail work, and/or environmental education with youth
  • availability to serve 450 hours over the academic year

The compensation works out to be about $15.00/hour including the stipend they receive for future education costs (or existing student loans).

We’re in the early stages of shaping the experience, so if you might be interested, please reach out to MALT’s new Education Manager, Simon Schreier, simon@maltvt.org.

Want to Excite Kids Teaching Them About Growing & Cooking? 3 Weeks Left to Apply to FoodCorps!

FoodCorps is looking for our next class of service members. Are you or someone you know planning to apply? The application deadline is March 31 and interviews are already underway. We encourage you to submit your application soon! 

What does it mean to serve with FoodCorps? FoodCorps service members get kids excited about growing, cooking, and eating food. This full-time, paid position is ideal for anyone who’s passionate about making a difference in their community through teaching, gardening, and food justice. Learn more here

If you’re not applying but know someone who might be interested, help us spread the word by forwarding this announcement! 

SENIORS: Interested in Food Justice?

Applications open January 10 – Mark your calendars!  

Applications for our next class of service members open in less than a month from now, on January 10, 2022. What does it mean to serve with FoodCorps? 

FoodCorps service members get kids excited about growing, cooking, and eating healthy food. In classrooms, cafeterias, and school gardens, they help students build positive connections with fruits and veggies that last a lifetime. This full-time, paid position is ideal for anybody who’s passionate about making a difference in their community through teaching, gardening, and food justice. 

As a service member, you’ll implement FoodCorps’ evidence-based strategies to help schools become healthier places to grow and learn. The majority of a service member’s time is spent teaching in the classroom and garden, and the amount you are spending on each of the below activities will vary.

Are you that “someone” who’d be a great fit for FoodCorps service? 

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ Food and Farm Program is Hiring

The Farm @ VYCC is hiring for several AmeriCorps positions! 
The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ Food and Farm Program is a dynamic youthdevelopment, diversified agriculture and food security initiative. We believe in the power that food has to connect us to the land, our community, and each other. We engage young people in organic farming and culinary education on our historic 400-acre campus in 
Richmond, Vermont where we grow organically certified vegetables and pasture-raised chickens that are distributed to more than 400 families through our 
nationally recognized Health Care Share program. 
Project Leads (7 positions) 
Project Leads serve on the farm from freezing March mornings, through sweaty July days, until crisp October evenings. They serve out in the fields, in 
greenhouses, work with livestock, and jump in to problem solve the daily challenges of the farm. Project Leads bring their adaptability, commitment, 
and passion for food & farming to the farm program. 
Crew Leaders (7 positions; 5 youth crew leaders and 2 production crew leaders) 
Farm Crew Leaders’ responsibilities shift across the season. Spring is for learning and doing: tending crops in greenhouses and planting the fields; working with volunteers. In summer, they lead either a youth or young adult crew. In fall, they harvest mountains of vegetables in support of Health Care Share program. There are two types of Crew Leader positions- leading a crew of youth or young adults. Regardless of age, crews work in all areas of thefarm; they plant and harvest, care for livestock, and explore how to cook with what they’ve grown. 
To learn more and apply: https://www.vycc.org/apply/lead/ 

Lily Bradburn (they/them)

Community Health Program Manager

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps


The Farm at VYCC exists on unceded traditional lands of Abenaki peoples.

VYCC.org | @thefarmatVYCC |Yes! I want to support VYCC!

Interested in Outdoor Education-Check Out Audubon Vermont!

Audubon Vermont was awarded the opportunity to host a 2nd AmeriCorps member this year! This announcement was unexpected as we were originally awarded only one of two possible positions. Because of this the turnaround is really tight: we need applications in by close of business on Thursday, October 21. 

Could you please share this with your network so we can reach as many people as possible who might be interested?

We’re looking for an AmeriCorps member!

Community Science and Chapter Engagement Member

This is an opportunity to do some creative thinking to keep Vermonters engaged in outdoor education, to help them plug into their passions of conservation, and to help Audubon Vermont build a strong community science program state-wide.

If you have an interest in community engagement and environmental education, apply today! There is a tight timeline on this opportunity. 

Apply by Thursday, Oct 21st at 5pm!

Learn More.

ECO AmeriCorps is Recruiting for the 2021-2022 Service Year!

We are excited to be in the process of filling open positions for our next great group of ECO members in service to Vermont Communities

As we continue our recruitment process, we’d love your help reaching potential new members! Feel free to share our website where interested applicants will find our open positions with position descriptions and the links to the associated applications through the AmeriCorps portal.

Now through the application deadline of June 11th, applicants can reach out to Dustin at dustin.bowman@vermont.gov with any questions!

View our open positions & application materials here!