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SENIORS: Interested in Food Justice?

Applications open January 10 – Mark your calendars!  

Applications for our next class of service members open in less than a month from now, on January 10, 2022. What does it mean to serve with FoodCorps? 

FoodCorps service members get kids excited about growing, cooking, and eating healthy food. In classrooms, cafeterias, and school gardens, they help students build positive connections with fruits and veggies that last a lifetime. This full-time, paid position is ideal for anybody who’s passionate about making a difference in their community through teaching, gardening, and food justice. 

As a service member, you’ll implement FoodCorps’ evidence-based strategies to help schools become healthier places to grow and learn. The majority of a service member’s time is spent teaching in the classroom and garden, and the amount you are spending on each of the below activities will vary.

Are you that “someone” who’d be a great fit for FoodCorps service? 

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ Food and Farm Program is Hiring

The Farm @ VYCC is hiring for several AmeriCorps positions! 
The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ Food and Farm Program is a dynamic youthdevelopment, diversified agriculture and food security initiative. We believe in the power that food has to connect us to the land, our community, and each other. We engage young people in organic farming and culinary education on our historic 400-acre campus in 
Richmond, Vermont where we grow organically certified vegetables and pasture-raised chickens that are distributed to more than 400 families through our 
nationally recognized Health Care Share program. 
Project Leads (7 positions) 
Project Leads serve on the farm from freezing March mornings, through sweaty July days, until crisp October evenings. They serve out in the fields, in 
greenhouses, work with livestock, and jump in to problem solve the daily challenges of the farm. Project Leads bring their adaptability, commitment, 
and passion for food & farming to the farm program. 
Crew Leaders (7 positions; 5 youth crew leaders and 2 production crew leaders) 
Farm Crew Leaders’ responsibilities shift across the season. Spring is for learning and doing: tending crops in greenhouses and planting the fields; working with volunteers. In summer, they lead either a youth or young adult crew. In fall, they harvest mountains of vegetables in support of Health Care Share program. There are two types of Crew Leader positions- leading a crew of youth or young adults. Regardless of age, crews work in all areas of thefarm; they plant and harvest, care for livestock, and explore how to cook with what they’ve grown. 
To learn more and apply: https://www.vycc.org/apply/lead/ 

Lily Bradburn (they/them)

Community Health Program Manager

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps


The Farm at VYCC exists on unceded traditional lands of Abenaki peoples.

VYCC.org | @thefarmatVYCC |Yes! I want to support VYCC!

Interested in Outdoor Education-Check Out Audubon Vermont!

Audubon Vermont was awarded the opportunity to host a 2nd AmeriCorps member this year! This announcement was unexpected as we were originally awarded only one of two possible positions. Because of this the turnaround is really tight: we need applications in by close of business on Thursday, October 21. 

Could you please share this with your network so we can reach as many people as possible who might be interested?

We’re looking for an AmeriCorps member!

Community Science and Chapter Engagement Member

This is an opportunity to do some creative thinking to keep Vermonters engaged in outdoor education, to help them plug into their passions of conservation, and to help Audubon Vermont build a strong community science program state-wide.

If you have an interest in community engagement and environmental education, apply today! There is a tight timeline on this opportunity. 

Apply by Thursday, Oct 21st at 5pm!

Learn More.

ECO AmeriCorps is Recruiting for the 2021-2022 Service Year!

We are excited to be in the process of filling open positions for our next great group of ECO members in service to Vermont Communities

As we continue our recruitment process, we’d love your help reaching potential new members! Feel free to share our website where interested applicants will find our open positions with position descriptions and the links to the associated applications through the AmeriCorps portal.

Now through the application deadline of June 11th, applicants can reach out to Dustin at dustin.bowman@vermont.gov with any questions!

View our open positions & application materials here!

FoodCorps Is Still Open for Applications

We’re looking for our next class of service members! Are you or someone you know planning to apply? Submit your application by April 1 to guarantee your application will be reviewed before any slots are filled. 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to start your application yet, that’s OK, too! If you submit your application before April 15, your application will be received before the second round of interviews, giving you another chance to be considered. 

FoodCorps is a non-partisan, non-profit organization whose mission is to work with communities to “connect kids to healthy food in school. Our vision: We are creating a future in which all our nation’s children––regardless of race, place, or class––know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and eat it every day.

FoodCorps recruits talented leaders for a year of full time paid public service building healthy school food environments in limited-resource communities.

If you’re not applying but know someone who might be interested, forward them this email or the link below! But, hey, why not apply and be a part of the change!

Be on the Front Lines of Fighting Educational Inequity: Service-year with Saga

Saga Education is a national nonprofit, founded in 2014 and aimed to confront educational inequity to support historically under-served schools and their students. Saga Education has dedicated itself to providing high-dosage, in-school tutoring in partnership with public high schools. Since our founding, Saga Education and our tutoring fellows have served over 12,600 students across Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C, and Broward County.

Nationwide, students are experiencing a significant interruption in their formal education due to COVID-19 and resulting school closures. While educators and students alike have many unprecedented challenges to overcome this upcoming school year, educators report that their top concern is students falling behind in math. This concern is heightened for educators in high poverty districts who teach predominantly black or Latinx students.

Now more than ever we need talented, caring, and capable people committed to supporting our students in their academic and social development. Finding academic interventions that address inequities that historically underserved students face is one of our nation’s most urgent challenges.

Join us on October 28th for a live info session to learn about our fellow position- a full-time service opportunity! For more information about Saga Education’s mission, please visit us at www.sagaeducation.org.

Celebrating National AmeriCorps Week: Ellie Dickerson ’19

This week, we are celebrating National AmeriCorps Week by highlighting recent Middlebury graduates currently serving as AmeriCorps members in Addison County!

AmeriCorps is “a network of national service programs, made up of three primary programs that each take a different approach to improving lives and fostering civic engagement.” Members, including some of our recent Middlebury graduates, commit to serving the community by engaging in youth and mentoring, fighting poverty, increasing academic achievement, and more. 

The state of Vermont produces the 3rd highest rate of AmeriCorps members per capita! We are proud of our alumni who contribute to that ranking and the role that their community engagement experiences as students played in their decisions to serve as AmeriCorps members in Addison County.

Read below to learn more about our first AmeriCorps member spotlight, Ellie Dickerson ‘19, and her trajectory from student to CCE’s AmeriCorps VISTA member.

Ellie Dickerson ’19, CCE AmeriCorps VISTA Member, Youth & Mentoring

Where did you grow up, and what did you study at Middlebury?

I grew up in a little North Central Nebraska town called Ainsworth. I studied International & Global Studies with a focus on Latin America, and spent my Junior Spring in Montevideo, Uruguay. During my time at Middlebury, I was involved in Community Friends and the Privilege & Poverty (P&P) Academic Cluster.

How did community engagement shape your time as a student at Middlebury? 

I became a Community Friend during the second semester of my first year. My engagement with the community deepened considerably during the summer after my first year, when I was a Shepherd Intern with Charter House Coalition. I also became very involved in Middlebury’s Memorial Baptist and began leading the 7th-12th grade youth group during my Senior year.

These experiences allowed me to form relationships with community members, learn about community needs first-hand, and feel like a member of the larger Middlebury community. They offered me a break from the constant demands of campus, and they helped me gain perspective on those demands. Getting out into the community helped me to remember that I am only one part of a much bigger world, and that connecting with and serving others is so much more important than getting good grades.

Ellie Dickerson ’19 engages in an interactive exercise during the January 17 workshop Learning on Your Feet: Literacy, Transferable Skills, and Community Building, a collaboration between Page One Literacy Project and Courageous Stage, with funding from the New Perennials Project.

How did these experience deepen your understandings of civic engagement and service?

My internship with Charter House, combined with weekly CCE reflections and P&P academic coursework, allowed me to reflect deeply on what it means to “serve,” especially from a place of privilege. I analyzed and questioned my actions and thoughts in an effort to unpack my own biases. Was I saving, or was I serving?  Was I projecting, or was I relating?  The “real-world” piece combined with the academic research and classroom discussions complicated my understanding of service and helped me to grow as a person.

I analyzed and questioned my actions and thoughts in an effort to unpack my own biases. Was I saving, or was I serving?  Was I projecting, or was I relating?

Ellie Dickerson ’19, AmeriCorps Member

What led you to decide to serve as an AmeriCorps member in the CCE?

My involvement with the CCE played such a huge role in my experience at Middlebury. I wanted to be able to support students in their connections with the community just like CCE staff and faculty partners had supported me. My love for Vermont also influenced my decision. Vermonters care about vulnerable populations, as is evidenced by the hundreds of non-profits in Addison County alone. I know that if I have an idea for making change, I will have a supportive community behind me. My husband and his family all live in Addison County, which has further connected me with the community.

I know that if I have an idea for making change, I will have a supportive community behind me.

Ellie Dickerson ’19, AmeriCorps Member

How has living as a non-student in Addison County been?

Being here as a non-student has honestly been lovely. So far I’ve found that without the stresses of student life I have been able to take advantage of all that Vermont has to offer. I get some of the perks of student life (such as access to the fitness center and the library) without the drawbacks. Beautiful.

Have you given any thought to what comes next?

At this point, I am still unsure of my next steps, but I would love to continue to serve in the area if possible. I have so much Vermont pride. I have also formed relationships with people here, from Charter House Coalition to my Church Family to my husband and in-laws, that make each day meaningful and root me to this place.

Stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts about our other Middlebury alumni AmeriCorps members!