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Fix for a mac computer in a classroom that’s not projecting correctly


1. Is the projector on?  A solid green light indicated proper functioning on most projectors.  Blinking reds or oranges indicate a projector issue.

2. Have you selected the correct input?  Occasionally you have to select another source and then re-select the “laptop” source on touch panel

Mac Specific issues:

1. Is mirroring on (click on the picture below for a bigger version)?


2. If yes, check the VGA/HD15 cable for a bent pin


The picture above shows a proper VGA cable

3. Macs all need adapters or “dongles” to project.  A common failure point is these adapters.  Due to the stress put on them from the connecting cables internal connections eventually fail.  Most times you will see odd colors before a total failure.

4. Changing your resolution:

We recommend a 1024X768 as a reliable resolution.  Feel free to choose others that fit your eye but note that a higher resolution will make the text smaller.  Below is a quick guide on how to change the resolution

  1. Minimize or close all currently open windows.
  2. Go to the Apple menu (the apple icon on the left side of the tool bar) and select “System Preferences…”
  3. Click on “Displays”
  4. In the Display tab, select the resolution you would like to test.
  5. Test your web pages in the new resolution.
  6. When you’re done, go back to the “Displays” window and change back to your preferred resolution.