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Holiday Schedule for FY19 and FY20

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We hope you read MiddPoints this week, if you didn’t click here.  HR was kind enough to post holiday breaks for the next two years:

Middlebury-Wide FY19 and FY20 Holiday and Floating Holiday Schedule

Beginning in fiscal year 2019 all US-based Middlebury operations will adhere to a single holiday and floating holiday schedule. In order to make departmental and personal planning easier, going forward Human Resources will publish a 2-year holiday calendar near the beginning of each academic/fiscal year. The first of these calendars is included below and will also be available on the Human Resources website.

Holiday/Floating Holiday Schedule

 Observance Type July 1, 2018 to

June 30, 2019


July 1, 2019 to

June 30, 2020


Independence Day FH Jul. 4, 2018 Jul. 4, 2019
Labor Day FH Sept. 3, 2018 Sept. 2, 2019
Thanksgiving Break H Nov. 22 – 23, 2018 Nov. 28 – 29, 2019
Year-End Holiday Break H Dec. 22, 2018 –Jan. 1, 2019 Dec. 24, 2019–Jan. 1, 2020
Martin Luther King Day H Jan. 21, 2019 Jan. 20, 2020
Memorial Day FH May 27, 2019 May 25,2020
Total Floating HolidaysTotal Regular Holidays 310 310

Holiday Breaks and Floating Holidays begin at close of business the day before the designated holiday (or holiday break) and end at 11:59 pm on the designated holiday (or holiday break).

Holiday (H) – On designated Holidays all Middlebury operations are closed, except for a small number of mission-essential functions such as Public Safety, the heating plant, etc., which may run on reduced capacity. The actual total number of Holidays may vary slightly from year-to-year depending on whether or not year-end holidays fall on a weekend day. Benefits-eligible staff employees record “Holiday” on their timesheets for designated Holidays which occur on days on which they would otherwise have been scheduled to work. Most non-exempt, benefits-eligible employees who are required to work on a designated holiday are eligible for Holiday Premium Pay in addition to regular and Holiday pay. (Employees who are not eligible for Holiday pay due to their non-benefits-eligible status may nonetheless be eligible for Holiday Premium Pay if they are required to work on a designated holiday.)


Floating Holiday (FH) – On designated Floating Holidays most administrative and some operational departments are closed, however certain academic areas are open as are departments providing direct support to those academic areas. Area VPs (or their designees) will determine which departments or functions may close in observance of the holiday and which must remain open and be staffed. Employees who do not work on a designated Floating Holiday record time away as “CTO” (note: time is built into CTO accruals to cover these days).  Employees who are required to work on a designated floating holiday earn regular (not premium) pay and do not record CTO.


—Cheryl Mullins

July 2018 open meeting

Staff Council update: the July 2018 open meeting has been postponed to August tbd. The Staff Council will be meeting in mid-July for their annual retreat and will determine dates for the upcoming year. We will keep staff updated via email and post open meetings on our website (and blog). We encourage staff to get involved and attend open meetings. Please feel free to suggest topics at

And…..don’t forget that attending an open meeting is not the only way to get involved, standing committees and ad-hoc committees meet throughout the year and as a Midd staff member you can join any committee. Please consider joining.

Standing Committees:

Compensation & Resources Committee: studies and reviews salary issues, benefits, leaves and vacations, job categories, and related subjects;

Election Committee: conducts nominations and elections for MSC positions including written notification of election procedures and deadlines; validates election results; determines and reviews representation of employee groups with the approval of the MSC;

Events Committee: surveys staff employee opinions; MSC plans and coordinates MSC activities and events (e.g. MSC open meetings, picnics, parties);

Ad Hoc Committees:

Safety and Work Environment Committee: conducts research and examines issues related to the campus as a workplace and worker safety.

HR-6: Comprised of three MSC members and three HR employees whose purpose is to keep the lines of communication open between HR and Staff Council.  The mission is to identify and develop recommendations for HR-related issue.


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