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Emails do matter!

Let’s re-visit this important article written by former peer career advisor Caroline Jaschke ’18.

Whether you are currently applying to jobs and internships, or will be in the next couple months, you are sure to be sending out a lot of emails. After all the work you’ll put into crafting strong resumes and letters, you want to be sure that your emails reflect this same professionalism. Emails do matter!

An email is one of your first impressions to a potential employer. It is your opportunity to show off your professionalism, your maturity, and your serious interest in the position. Emails give the employer some small insight into what it’s like to interact with you as a person. While proper email etiquette is not going to get you the job, improper etiquette will turnoff the employer and hurt your job chances.

When responding to employer emails, the old dating rule “wait three days” does not apply. You’re not trying to play it “cool” and avoid coming off as “desperate.” Slow responses signal to employers that you’re not that interested. They might not waste time waiting for your response when they have a pool of other qualified candidates. In addition, waiting for your answer might irritate an interviewer. Therefore, it’s good practice to respond to emails within 24 hours. Responding and saying that you were “really busy”, is not an excuse. The potential employer is busy too, and this excuse may make them question your ability to handle the workload at their company along with various responsibilities of the job. Use your quick response time to indicate to the employer that you consider this job a top priority.

When job and internship searching over email, using professional etiquette may encourage the potential employer to take you seriously and actually read the email. Use a professional email, not your account.  Address the individual by their appropriate title (Ms., Mr., Dr., etc), write a clear subject line, and use proper grammar. Be positive, polite, and concise, but be sure to include the relevant information. If it has not already been stated that the employer would like a cover letter and resume, ask for permission to include the documents with the email. Attach your cover letter and resume, each as their own PDF, and clearly labeled with your last name (Smith_Resume). Do not paste your cover letter into the body of the email. Last, absolutely NO emoticons, no matter how perfectly the “high-five” captures your feelings about the job.

Here’s an example of what your email should NOT look like:

Here’s an example of what it should look like:

Lastly, re-read your email before you send it!
For more information on how to write emails, check out this helpful article in the balance.

How to Find a Winter Term Internship and Get Credit for It – 10/4 @ 4:30pm

Learn about how to find a Winter Term internship and the steps for applying for credit. We will also discuss new Winter Term internship funding grants (a limited number of grants are available).

For more info, please visit go/WTinternships or contact Cheryl Whitney Lower at Also, check out our step-by-step timeline for applying for WT credit.

Wondering what to do with a Geography major?

If you are already a geography major or thinking about declaring, come join a conversation with six (6) Middlebury alumni who are  coming to campus to talk to you about how they used their Geography major in pursuit of their current careers.  This “Field Guide for Geography Majors” on Thursday-Friday, September 28-29 is an opportunity for you to ask questions and hear about how their experiences both on and off campus have helped them elevate their skills towards purposeful work and meaningful decisions along their trajectories.

What did they do at Middlebury and what are they doing now? Find out at these events: go/fieldguide or You can RSVP on Handshake for the Thursday, September 28, 2017 Alumni Panel @ 5:00 p.m. and the Alumni Networking Dinner@ 6:15 p.m. (both at Atwater Dining Hall), and you can also sign up for 1:1 appointments with the alumni on Friday morning September 29. The event site has the alumni bios–a diverse array of speakers with interesting backgrounds.

Applying for Winter Term Internship Credit? Follow these steps…

Each Winter Term, many students participate in internships and apply for the opportunity to earn academic credit while having high-level exposure to valuable work. Below is a complete timeline that clearly outlines all of the necessary steps to obtain credit this January.

Contact Cheryl Whitney Lower at with any questions.

Expand the sections below to access required forms and more information.

Starting now – early November, 2017

October 30-November 1, 2017

  • If you are planning to complete an internship but have not yet been approved or secured, register for any Winter Term class as a temporary placeholder. Failure to register for a class or an internship during WT registration means you will not be eligible for credit.  
  • If your internship is approved before WT registration, register on Banner for your internship; CCI will send you instructions once it is approved.
  • Note: “Approved” means it has been approved by CCI and the Curriculum Committee.

Before early November, 2017

  • Identify a Middlebury faculty member as your Academic Sponsor- this can be your advisor or another faculty member.
  • Discuss a plan that will help you make connections between your internship experience and your coursework at Middlebury.
  • Identify at least three scholarly sources to list in your application for credit. You will use this as an intellectual framework for your experience and as relevant content for your final academic work.

No later than mid-November, 2017

  • Send the Intern Sponsor Agreement Form to your internship supervisor.
  • Send the Academic Sponsor Form to your Academic Sponsor here at Middlebury.
  • Inform them both of the November 30 submission deadline.

DEADLINE: November 30, 2017: Forms required to complete your application:

January/February, 2018

  • Submit final academic work to your academic sponsor.
  • Submit self-evaluation to the CCI.
  • Internship supervisor will also submit an evaluation.

Connect with Midd alumni who majored in Geography – this week 9/28 – 9/29!

Geography alumni will be on campus to share their paths and professional lives with students to help them think broadly about their Geography major. What did they do at Middlebury and what are they doing now? Find out at these events!

  • RSVP for the Alumni Panel + Dinner here
  • Sign up for an informal one-on-one chat with the alum of your choice here.
    • Click Jobs –> On-Campus Interviews –> Find “Middlebury College – Geography Alumni Chats”

For alumni bios and more info, check out go/geofieldguide!

What did you do this summer? Tell us and win tix to Higher Ground!

What did you do this summer? We want to know!
This survey will take you less than five minutesAccess the link in your Middlebury email – search for email sent from 

Did you intern? Travel? Volunteer? Work at a summer job? Learning about your experiences offers valuable insight on the wide range of opportunities you’re pursuing – this info is most helpful as advisors and faculty work with students!

Complete by October 1 and be entered to win four tickets to any show of your choice at Higher Ground in Burlington!

GLG to Host Skill-Building Workshop on 10/3!

Curious what a day in the life of a GLG Associate is like? GLG invites students to come to its Client Project Workshop for a virtual and INTERACTIVE session simulating a typical GLG client project.

GLG is the world’s leading membership for professional learning. Business leaders, investors, consultants, social entrepreneurs, and other top professionals rely on GLG to learn in short- and long-term engagements from more than 500,000 members and other experts.

Want to learn more? Check out GLG Austin’s careers video:

Event Date: Tuesday, October 3rd, 5:00pm – 6:15 pm
Event Location: Adirondack House Library (CCI)

Note:  If you are studying abroad off campus but would like to tune in, please contact Rachel Connor at

Refreshments will be served.