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Wanted: People to Interview for a Book on Relationships with People who are “Like Family”

Peggy Nelson (Department of Sociology) is interested in interviewing people who have relationships with people to whom they are not related but who they think of as being “like family.”  If you have such a relationship and are willing to be interviewed, please contact Peggy at or (802) 388 6659.  All interviews are confidential. Each person interviewed will received a $10 gift certificate to either Hannaford or Shaws.

Disability Studies Reading Group

The Disabilities Studies Reading Group invites all faculty and staff to  join us to discuss readings of interest.  We meet about once a month and we decide jointly on future readings. The first meeting of the year will be on Thursday, September 19, at 7:30 at Peggy Nelson’s house (52 High Street, Middlebury). We will be reading Margaret Price, Mad at School. Please let us know of any interest you have in that meeting or future ones.  For further information, contact Peggy Nelson (, Susan Burch (, or Holly Allen (