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United Way Campaign Update: Audrey LaRock wins raffle; still time to contribute!

Audrey LaRock from the Language Schools was the winner in this year’s United Way raffle. As April approaches, we are trying to wrap up this year’s College United Way Campaign. You can still make a contribution via the on-line form at . To date, 140 individuals or families have pledged nearly $95,000. Last year, 180 individuals or families pledged just over $100,000. We hope to improve on both the amount pledged and the number of faculty and staff participating. If you haven’t yet done so, please consider contributing to this important cause. The United Way plays a critical role in providing resources where they are most needed in Addison County. You can learn more about the United Way of Addison County and how your contribution can make an impact in the community, by looking at their website at .

Update & Reminder: College United Way Campaign Raffle Results and Upcoming Deadline

Steve Goodman and his wife Cynthia won this year’s United Way early-bird raffle. There is still time to be entered in the regular raffle, which will take place on February 11th. You will be entered
twice if this is your first time donating to the United Way, or if you
increase your donation. You can find out more about the United Way and
the many ways it helps in our community at,
and you can donate on-line at

Update on the College’s United Way Campaign

  • We had have 134 contributors so far
  • 18 are  first-time contributors
  • 66 have increased their contribution from last year
  • 37 met the 125% challenge by increasing their contribution by 25% this year
  • We have raised over $89,000 so far, with a goal of hitting $125,000 and to also top last year’s number of contributors, which was 194.

Thank you for considering contributing.

Live United!

Mike Roy, on behalf of the College United Way Committee

December LIS Quarterly Update

We’ve just posted the LIS Quarterly Update for your reading pleasure. We’ve shrunk it down (it’s a mere 11 pages!) and generally re-organized it to make it easier to skim quickly. As always, I would love to hear more about how we can make this report useful as a communication and planning tool, and also what we can do to make the process of producing it as simple as possible.

Go Discuss!

We’ve just launched an on-line discussion board at  . The goal of this project is to find out whether or not an on-line forum will meet a need on campus that is presently not being met by Facebook, Midd Confessional, and Twitter on the one hand, and MiddNotes, the Campus Events Calendar, and the Portal on the other.

The discussion board is a very simple utility where you can post a topic, respond to a topic, and respond to a response. You can add profile information about yourself, including an image, and links to your on-line persona. We’ve created a thread to discuss the discussion board, and hope that students will take time to let us know whether or not this effort will address some of the gaps they have described in the communication platforms currently on offer at the College.

An FAQ on the details of how the forum works is available for those who want to learn more about how to post.


Blended Learning in a Liberal Arts Setting, September 12

NITLE is hosting an on-line presentation on September 12 from 4-5 p.m. The topic is “Blended Learning in a Liberal Arts Setting” and will feature the work being done as part of the Next Generation Learning Challenges grant that Middlebury is participating in, and is being led by Bryn Mawr. More information on the presentation can be found at . You can watch it from your own computer if you sign-up, or you can join us in Library 145.

LIS Quarterly Update: Summer 2012

We in LIS spent time this summer reviewing what we accomplished this spring, and planning for the upcoming semester and year. The results of this are reflected in the attached .pdf , which is the latest edition of the LIS quarterly update. You can expect an update in the late fall, which will provide a progress report on that which we have set out to do in the coming months and years, and also some course corrections based on new information culled from new information gleaned from the college-wide planning exercise that we participated in this summer.

Deadline for United Way Raffle is January 28

The United Way of Addison County needs your help! This year’s campaign is behind its goals, at a time when the need in our community has never been greater. If you haven’t yet contributed this year, you can do so easily on line by going to To encourage participation, if you contribute by January 28, your name will be put in a raffle. Prizes include $150, $100, and $75 of Middlebury Money. First-time donors and donors who increase their donations are entered twice.