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I’m all for this settlement.

Massar, which calls itself a “Consultancy firm, providing investment promotion, management solutions and development services to the Palestinian private and public sectors.” based in Ramallah, has begun working on the first ever ‘Palestinian settlement‘ in the West Bank. There are roadblocks along the way (ie: the Oslo Accords), but they’re bulldozing right through them (pun very much intended, Daniel Varisco has permanently rubbed off on me). Primarily funded by the Qatari government, Rawabi is the name of the intended first ever Palestinian city, meant to provide a place with a higher standard of living in the West Bank.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this settlement.

Midd(le East) Dating Scene

Well, we all thought the “dating” scene at Midd was bad… This article on urfi marriages in Egypt details how far young couples have to go to hide their relationships from conservative families. The danger here is, of course, if the girl gets pregnant.