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Welcome Fall…Welcome Cold and Flu Season!

As with any season, comes changing weather and surroundings.


Here in the Midd Custodial Department is no different.  We are prepared with an aresenal of bacteria fighting tools to help keep our campus healthy.  Every year we expect the pretty predictable flu season to hit and work in conjunction with the  Parton Health Center.

If that happens we are prepared to ramp our efforts up by sanitizing touchpoints more often.  By doing this it reduces the chance students and staff get sick by touching items such as:

  • Door knobs
  • Railings
  • Light switches
  • Chair backs
  • Just about anything you touch!

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Many people do not realized that the easiest thing one can do is to wash their hands regularly with soap and water!  The most important thing to rember is to wash for 20 seconds(usually about the time it takes to recite the English alphabet).  Some other tips to remember:

  • Wash thoroughly underneath fingernails because these areas provide great hiding places for germs and bacteria.
  • When coughing or sneezing use your elbow or arm to sheild it.

Keep these tips in mind and when you see your custodians wiping down touchpoints make sure to thank them for keeping  you healthy!

Midd Commencement Commences!

Welcome to Midd commencement in our department!

Here in the Custodial department we talk about and plan commencement as we are underway and wrap-up this year’s event! It is always on our minds and sometimes it is dreaded by folks. One reason we take this event and time of year seriously is because we have increased work hours at this time. We start working 10 hour days the week before commencement so we may get a start at cleaning and prepping rooms for commencement housing and Reunion weekend. We need to do this so all rooms are cleaned and ready for our parents and Alumni when they return!

The main lawn at Middlebury College's 2013 Commencement Weekend

The main lawn at Middlebury College’s 2013 Commencement Weekend

Some of the many things we do that may not be realized by folks are:

  • set-up and tear down events
  • iron table covers
  • arrange flowers
  • set chairs
  • bag programs

Everyone that works Midd commencement sports a snazzy navy blue polo. That blue polo is the symbolic nature of our team orientated work and Can-Do attitude in Facilities. We work together to make it happen!(no matter what…the show must go on!)

Chairs that are expertly lined by staff.  This was last year when it had to be called inside due to rain.  Photo courtesy of Brett Simison

Chairs that are expertly lined by staff. This was last year when it had to be called inside due to rain. Photo courtesy of Brett Simison


Greetings Midd!

Welcome to the new Midd Clean bog!  I’m excited to bring my vison to life.  I’d like to start and introduce myself.  I’m one of the five custodial supervisors here at Midd in the Facilities/Custodial department.  I’m working on year eight of employment here at Midd(the longest I’ve ever been at a job-that speaks for Midd!).  I’ve been working in the cleaning profession for about 18 years.  I hold a BA in History and Education.  I also work as Museum Steward for the Brandon Museum at the Stephen A. Douglas House in Brandon VT.


Custodial Supervisor, Dan Celik

Custodial Supervisor, Dan Celik

Everyday is new and is an adventure here!  I’m always anxious to meet new people on campus.  This blog is another way of doing that and perhaps putting  another spin on our profession.  My hope is that it draws some attention and will aid in educating folks about who we are and why we maintain such a beautiful facility!