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CCV students using our library & labs

For those of us who work public service desks…

Subject: [VTLIBRARIES] CCV Students @ Your Library

It’s back to school time for the Community College of Vermont this week. That means students may be seeking Wi-Fi spots and free Internet access to connect to their classes in Moodle, access the Hartness Library for research, or simply check email.

If you get questions from students regarding CCV’s library services like interlibrary loan, database access, research help etc…, send them our way through the Hartness Library website: (also at > click on library at the top of the screen).

The Hartness Library provides book delivery to CCV students from the collection of materials in the Vermont State College libraries around the state. We also provide a collection of eBooks, streaming videos, and academic periodical databases. CCV students access all of these resources through the library website and catalog by using their CCV Web Services/Moodle login and ID. We offer extensive research help via chat, text, email, and a 1-800 number. Learn more about CCV’s library with this quick video:

Middlebury’s Library ranked #10 in Princeton Review

The latest numbers are in. Students ranked our library #10 in the country in the latest Princeton Review’s Best College Library rankings (you must register to see it).  We were ranked just behind Princeton.  According to Library Journal,”Both lists are based solely on students’ answers to the survey question: ‘How do you rate your school’s library facilities?’ They do not take into account number of volumes, circulations, or any other metrics.” Thank you Midd students for ranking us so highly!

Friday links – July 13, 2012

It is Friday the 13th, are you prepared for a Zombie attack? (from the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

This week was the 65th anniversary of the report of a UFO crash in Roswell, NM.  The Huffington Post reports numerous witnesses and government officials claim the report was true.  You decide.


Orientation Checklist for LIS Staff

The Education and Training Team has developed a checklist for LIS supervisors to go over with new staff (although we think some not-so-new staff may appreciate this as well).  You can find it on the LIS page under “About LIS.”  We’ve incorporated input from the AD’s and manager’s group and it will change over time as we get more feedback.  Our intention is that the supervisor (perhaps with help from other designated colleagues) will work through this checklist with new hires, explaining and answering questions as they go along.  It is not meant to be a self-service learning tool, although new staff can use it to go back and explore topics more in-depth on their own.  You’ll notice some entries have a link and some don’t.  We only linked to things that weren’t already major links on our public LIS pages so new staff learn to navigate the LIS site as well as become familiar with major “go” shortcuts.  We hope our new checklist will help supervisors get new staff off to a great start in LIS!

– Your Education and Training Team: Pij, Brenda, Mack, Andy, Kim (College Advancement)

New Queue feature in (technology training tutorials)

Want to keep track of video tutorials you want to view later? Add them to your queue. View ‘Creating and managing your queue’ from the “How to use” course, by Garrick Chow.  Tutorial link: