All is not lost! Internships still to be had!

If you are like many people out there in the Middlebury world who are still looking for that killer internship to keep the mind busy and cupcakes active, then all is not lost. I was just buzzing around MOJO to see what I could find and there was quite a bit write home about. Most of you sports fans are in the heat of the moment with assignments before finals and the only time you have to yourself is during the still of the night. Well, besides knowing my 80s hair bands, I know that there are currently 25 new internships to be gobbled up within the next 6 days. Yes, in six days, 25 internship postings will disappear…forever! Well, maybe not forever but you won’t be able to apply to them anymore. Odds are you have a resume already so all you really need to do is just get that cover letter together and boom you are there!

There are quite a slew of new internships in industries ranging from the environment, to marketing, to teaching, and even still some to finance. Some notable institutions include:


City Parks Foundation

Good Harbor Consulting

US Department of Agriculture

Milborne Farm

There are many more not listed and the best part is, is that all of these internships are dispersed throughout various parts of the country from the big three on the east (New York, Boston and DC) to way out in Washington state. You know that no one really does too much work on Fridays, especially when the sun is out, so when you are just sitting there on your cup cakes just log on to MOJO and apply! It’s easy baby.

As always there are drop ins from 2-5 every Monday through Friday and the wonderful folks over here want to talk to you! So stop in even if you just want to chat. Boom baby!