Friday Quick Tip Reminder!

Many students forget- or are just too lazy- to back up their work. When they come in with failed hard drives or computers in need of repair, they have no way to access their files. We wanted to remind students how to put the Middfiles shortcut in the dock. This makes for a fast and easy way to save works-in-progress  or valuable files in case of future computer emergencies.

1. Click on the link below to connect to the server.

2.Type smb:// into the server address box.

3. When the Middfiles folder is up and you can see the title as Middfiles on the Middfiles folder

4. Drag the icon next to that title to your dock next to (but not in) the trash icon in your dock.

Now you are ready take on the task of backing up starting with just a click on the icon in your dock!

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