This is a blog and a communication platform for students and faculty participating the “Modern Chinese Politics” offering by C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in China (Beijing).

Modern Chinese Politics is a dynamic course designed to expose students to the inner workings – as much as is researchable – of the Party and the government. Long regarded as a system behind closed doors, the Communist Party is receiving increased media attention as China rises to be a global power, and as domestic policy continues to influence foreign policy. Custom designed for MIC Beijing, the course’s specific goals are to help students understand China’s political system and Party organization, Chinese political theories and ideas, as well as the progress and challenges facing the Chinese political system amidst high speed economic growth. Given the sensitivity of the topic at hand, students are asked to be tactful when interacting with guest speakers. Primary sources are used as class materials, with which students carry out further research and analysis. Note that due to the use of these authentic materials, students below the intermediate high level are encouraged to consider alternate elective courses.

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