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Hi Aaron,

Really enjoyed reading your thesis! I learned a lot about the transmedia concept.

I think your work complements that being done in English departments in both digital media studies and narrative theory. Have you thought of delving into the aesthetic/critical side? It would be interesting to see more close readings of particular themes, characters, or episodes in Lost, with analysis of how the transmedia texts reinforce or create tensions with such readings.

Also, I feel that Lost relies more extensively on previous genres (such as the serial) than your argument suggests. I think that by looking at Lost’s continuities with previous genres rather than focusing on its innovations, you might have more to build on in your argument about the importance of transmedia. Just a couple of ideas to think about if/when you start working this into an article.

Speaking of which, have you applied to graduate programs yet? I’m looking forward to reading more of your work in the future!

Justin Pepperney

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Posted July 19, 2009  4:04 pm