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Thanks to everyone who commented, tweeted, or emailed me about the thesis. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world and hearing about some amazing academic and professional transmedia projects on the horizon. Please feel free to continue contacting me about anything transmedia related! I also welcome graduate school suggestions with regards to media studies, though for now, I’m hoping to dive into a career somewhere at the intersection between television and new media.

Ben: Thanks for visiting and passing on the contact info—should be a great conversation.
Brett: I appreciate the kinds words—I’ve been enjoying the thoughts on your blog as well!
Justin: I like your idea about analyzing specific Lost episodes, themes, or characters and examining the extent to which secondary texts capture their aesthetic properties and meanings. In order to determine how transmedia storytelling might enhance our overall experience of a narrative, it will be important to explore how transmedia extensions can reinforce the show’s aesthetic value, despite being so different in terms of production, form, and style.

Also, the fact that Lost incorporates so many intertextual references and conventions from a variety of genres is partly why I think it is so innovative as a television show. From George Lucas to Charles Dickens, this is a show heavily influenced by masterful storytellers. In particular, I originally wanted to build on the work of Steven Jones and David Lavery, who draw comparisons between Lost and Dickens’ serialized fiction, exploring how both texts capitalize on many characters, interweaving narrative threads, paratextual crossings, and an interactive relationship with the audience. Although I couldn’t fit this into my thesis, I’ll definitely mention it when I condense the piece into an article. Thanks for the excellent comment!

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Posted July 22, 2009  1:46 pm