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Hello, welcome to my senior undergraduate thesis for the Film and Media Culture department of Middlebury College. In writing a thesis about transmedia storytelling, my goal was to further the research on this emerging field, or at least to facilitate a productive discussion on the topic. Therefore, I’m sharing this work through CommentPress, a WordPress theme that allows readers to comment on individual paragraphs, because I believe it is a worthwhile experiment in turning “a document into a conversation.” Whether you are a transmedia enthusiast, scholar, professional, or someone unfamiliar with the concept, I encourage you to jump in and participate!

Abstract for “Transmedia Storytelling in Television 2.0” by Aaron Smith
In the era of convergence, television producers are developing transmedia narratives to cater to consumers who are willing to follow their favorite shows across multiple media channels. At the same time, there still remains a need to preserve an internally coherent television show for more traditional viewers. This thesis offers a model for how transmedia storytelling can coexist with and enhance a television narrative, using Lost as a case study. By building a world to be discovered, creating a hierarchy of strategic gaps, focusing on the unique capabilities of each extension, and using the “validation effect” to reward fans for their cross-media traversals, television/transmedia producers can provide a satisfying experience for hard-core and casual fans alike.

The full pdf version of the document is also available: Aaron_Smith_2009

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