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USPS 5 Day Service

I’m not sure how I feel about the post office limiting their delivery days to five…one the one hand, this makes sense as a practical money-saving solution, as supposedly “Ending mail delivery on Saturday — when the volume is 17 percent lower than on weekdays — would save $40 billion over the next decade.”  We’ve spoken a bit in class about how with every new wave of technology comes a wave of panic for every other medium, whose life inevitably seems threatened by the powers of the new form.  We spoke a bit about mail when we discussed our paper assignments–will the wedding invitation be replaced by the evite?  I’m willing to bet that there will always be some demand for mail.  The Times points out, “Even with the Internet, Americans will need mail services for packages, legal documents and, yes, letters for years to come.”  Aparantly, the USPS stopped turning a profit after 2006, and now the question is whether or not they should run like a business (ie regulating their own supply based on demand, a model that would suggest a five day delivery plan) or be subsidized.  I’d like to think that a five day delivery service would not be the beginning of the end for USPS, but rather, a transformative and life-saving step, even one that would signify that the relevance of this industry is not threatened, just slightly more limited.

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