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Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Remix Video

When Mark and I met to go over a few ideas we had about the Remix video project, Mark described the idea to piece together movie clips that included dialogue in which the character said the name of the movie.  He showed me what he meant by this, and my skepticism quickly disappeared.  I found […]

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Emails on the fly

I just want to observe how common it is for people to read emails on their smart phones, decide to respond later from their computer, and never do.  There is a black hole between phone and computer email servers.  This seems to be the newest excuse, equivalent to “it was filtered to my junk folder […]

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USPS 5 Day Service

I’m not sure how I feel about the post office limiting their delivery days to five…one the one hand, this makes sense as a practical money-saving solution, as supposedly “Ending mail delivery on Saturday — when the volume is 17 percent lower than on weekdays — would save $40 billion over the next decade.”  We’ve […]

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Chat Roulette

I am trying to respond to Professor Mittell’s question about Chat Roulette, and just went to post my reply and it was lost somehow…one of those times when “technology” is not a time-saver. My point was twofold, first, I don’t think that Chat Roulette will be nearly as popular next year as it is now.   […]

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