Language Proficiency Assessment

All the Middlebury College Language Schools require their students to take placement tests after they have enrolled and before they begin taking classes. These placement tests help determine what level of study to place students in.

Most of the Language Schools require students to take multiple tests. The format of these tests vary across schools. Some Schools use paper and pencil tests, others use computer based testing. Most Schools augment written testing with oral testing usually following Oral Proficiency guidelines as presented by the American Council on Teaching Foreign languages (ACTFL).

The Chinese, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish School have online exams which students can take before they arrive at Middlebury.   The Chinese and the Russian School exams have more complex system requirements and so some students in these schools are not able to take these exams until they arrive at Middlebury.  The Russian School has a number of additional computer based exams that students take in their first week at Middlebury.

Below is a schedule of computer based exams administered at Middlebury

School Test Location Times Dates
Chinese School Reading ILC3, SDL 202, MNR 214 9:30am – 4pm Sat, June 18
Russian School Grammar & Syntax AXN 105 8am – 3pm Sat, June 18
Russian School Writing MBH 216 3pm – 5pm TBD
Russian School Reading MBH 116/117, AXN 105 8am – 5pm Mon, June 19
Russian School Listening MBH 116/117,  AXN 105 8am – 5pm Tues, June 20
Russian School Make-ups SDL IL3 3pm – 5pm Weds-Thurs, June 21-22
Italian Comprehension off-campus web pre-arrival
Spanish Comprehension off-campus web pre-arrival
French Comprehension off-campus web pre-arrival

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