Biodiverse Environments + Wellbeing, Inequality, Land, and Development: Engagement and Research


Benjamin Cordola

Benjamin (Class of ‘24.5) is pursuing a double major in Geography and Russian. He hails from Austin, Texas, and enjoys biking, climbing, tennis, and riding mopeds through Europe. 

Eli Richardson

Eli (Class of ‘23.5) is an Environmental Economics major and Math minor from Maine. Academically, Eli’s focus is on learning how to use economic tools in order to improve societal and environmental wellbeing. Outside of school, Eli is focused on rock climbing and grilling. 

Annika Hoerner

Annika is a senior Feb Geography major from Oakland, CA. She’s particularly interested in map making, data visualization, human migration, and American cultural history. When she’s not in BiHall, Annika loves wandering around public libraries and farmers markets.  

Grayson Shanley-Barr

Grayson (class of 23.5) is a Geography-Geology joint major and Global Health minor from New Jersey. She is particularly curious about Human-Environment geography and interested in issues of food insecurity, climate change, and land use change. In her free time, Grayson enjoys trail running, camping, growing and cooking vegetables, and collecting seeds.

Liam Smith

Liam (class of 24) is studying geography and math. He grew up in Rochester, NY with his four siblings. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, diving, and playing piano.


Kate Talano ’22 – GIS Specialist at the Naples Botanical Garden in Florida

Jacob Freedman ’21 – Founder of VT-based company Treeline Terrains

Derrick Burt ’21 – Assistant Science Instructor at Middlebury College

Rebecca Strull ’21 – Development Consultant for Mathematica based in California

Max Borrmann ’20 – Data Visualization Engineer at Planet Imagery based in California

Anna Durning ’20 – Teacher for the Dallas Independent School District in Texas

Emily French ’19 – Graduate Student at Boston University

Patrick Schmidt ’18 – Pilot and contractor in Alaska, headed to Law School

Tabitha Mueller ’18 – Staff Reporter for the Nevada Independent