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Checking Homework Submissions

Good morning all,

I am posting this to the discussion board as I felt it may be helpful for others in the class. When submitting assignments in Submit is there anyway to check the progress of your submissions. In other words, is there any way to see which assignments you have submitted so far? If not, then is there any way to see If you are missing any submissions for the week? 


Olivia Reposa

Saving Tarski’s World Files

Hi everyone-
I’m not sure if this happened to anyone else, but when I was trying to save my Tarski’s sentences and worlds to my computer in order to submit them for the homework assignment, I kept getting an error message saying that I didn’t have permission. I just talked to Professor Khalifa, and apparently in order to save certain files you must first create another folder on your computer to save them into. I just created an additional folder inside of the LPL folder and saved all my work there, and that way it’s easily upload-able to the Submit program. He asked me to post this in case anyone else was having the same issues. Hope it helps!

PHIL0180: Introduction to Modern Logic

Kareem Khalifa

Course Description: Logic is concerned with good reasoning; as such, it stands at the core of the liberal arts. We will develop our reasoning skills by analyzing arguments found in conversation, newspapers, political debates, academic discourse, and popular culture, as well as by formulating our own. We will then use the formal techniques of modern propositional and predicate logic to codify many of our strategies for reasoning.