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11.20 Number 7

Hey everyone,

I am having trouble translating sentence 7 on 11.20. This is the one where we are asked to translate “Only dodecahedra are larger than everything else”. I am unsure of how exactly to translate “only”. At first I had ∀x ∀y (Larger(x, y) → Dodec(x)), but it keeps saying it can’t determine if this is correct. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! Thanks!

11.17 Number 9

Hi all,

I’m having trouble translating sentence 9 in 11.17, which says that every dodecahedron with nothing to its right has something to its left. Right now, I am saying there exists an x, where if x is a dodecahedron AND there doesn’t exist a y that is right of x, then there exists some z such that z is left of x. My sentence isn’t “equivalent to any of the expected answers.” Does anyone see where I went wrong?