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Good morning all,

I am posting this to the discussion board as I felt it may be helpful for others in the class. When submitting assignments in Submit is there anyway to check the progress of your submissions. In other words, is there any way to see which assignments you have submitted so far? If not, then is there any way to see If you are missing any submissions for the week? 


Olivia Reposa

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  1. Mariana Zieve-Cohen

    Hey all,

    I just finished the homework due Thursday and when I submitted it to Grade Grinder it showed that I was missing some files. For the arguments that were not valid I submitted a counterexample using Tarski’s World, but Grade Grinder showed that I was missing a proof for that problem. Should I also be completing a proof even though the argument is not valid? Similarly on exercises where I submitted a valid proof it showed that I was missing a world even though I submitted the correct proof. I tried submitting a proof file for an invalid argument but it just showed that the proof submitted was not correct. Is anyone else having this issue?

    Mariana Zieve-Cohen

    1. Tobie Gumener

      Hey Mariana,

      I am having the same “issue”, but I think this is normal. If you find a valid argument, you should be “missing” a World file, and similarly if you cannot find a valid argument, you should be “missing” a Proof file. I don’t know if Professor Khalifa can back me up on this before the deadline, but I think we should be fine.


  2. Alexander Ottenberg

    help w/ World 1.3

    I’m building a world in which all the sentences in Exercise 1.2 are simultaneously true. I have all the sentences true except for a=d, in which a is a medium tetrahedron. I created another medium tetrahedron which I labeled d. Tarksi’s world is still saying this sentence (a=d) is false. I even tried placing d so it satisfies all the conditions of a in all the other sentences but the program is still saying my world does not make the sentence a=d true. I was wondering if anyone could provide guidance??


    1. Olivia Reposa Post author

      Hello Xan,

      Great question! Try thinking of the problem like this, let’s say that your grandmother asks you to go to the store and get some Golden Delicious apples. Now you know that Golden Delicious changed the branding name to Red Delicious in 1914, in other words they are the same apples with different names. Of course if you pick up the Red Delicious your grandmother is still going to be happy. So to recap, two items having different names doesn’t always mean they are different items. Remember in logic, an object can have more than one name.

      Hope this helps!
      Olivia Reposa

      1. Alexander Ottenberg


        Thank you!! I forgot that an object can have multiple names. Now all the sentences are true. That was a cool way to answer my question.

        Appreciate it,

  3. Caroline MacRae

    Has anyone had trouble with downloading the book? I already had ordered a physical copy, but then realised that I needed an electronic copy, yet it won’t let me purchase one; Everytime I try to buy it, it will say that my information could not be verified, and I have checked my bank account, so it’s not like it was declined because I couldn’t pay for it. Has anyone had this problem?

      1. Caroline MacRae

        I think another problem is that I can’t get the software, because I realized too late after buying the physical copy that it would be using a CD, which I didn’t see until after I purchased it. I have a MacBook Air, so I don’t have a CD reader. Is there any way to obtain the software?

  4. Clayton Hucks

    Hi Olivia,

    I was thinking the same thing when I submitted the first set of assignments. I do not think there is a way to see the progress of your submissions in the Submit app. With that said, however, I think there is a way to check if you have completed the assignments for the week. If you go to the GradeGrinder website and click on “My Classes” and make sure you are looking at PHIL 0180, there is section that says “assignments.” Under this section there is something that says “Upcoming due” and “Past due.” Click on “Upcoming due” and make sure that the bar is totally green for the first assignment!

    I hope this helps!! :)))

    Clayton Hucks

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