Link to course descriptions from course schedule page

it would be nice if you could get to the course descriptions straight from the course schedule page. At the moment, when you click the CRN of a course on the page it takes you to a BannerWeb page labeled “Class Schedule Listing.” Could the course descriptions that are on the various academic department pages be linked or pasted into this BannerWeb page?

From Nolan Maier

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  1. Adam Franco says:

    Thank you for the suggestion Nolan.

    We currently have a project underway to revamp the web front-end to the course catalog. One of the primary goals of this project is to connect the course descriptions to their catalog listings, both to improve usability in the online catalog itself as well as to allow us to display those descriptions in other systems (wherever course/section listings appear). This project is happening in conjunction with the Web Redo project and will be launched along a similar time-line.

    – Adam

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