Return the go directory

One of the suggestions we got from a survey attached to the LIS eNewsletter was to have an article about the “go dictionary” but now I see that it has been discontinued.

From Barbarra Merz


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  1. Michael Roy says:

    Requests to bring back the GOtionary are streaming in from various corners of campus. In fact, there is enthusiasm for adding features such as the ability to suggest GO links via the web, and the ability to make one’s one personal GO links. We’ll be looking into this as we embark on the Web Makeover Project ( . Stay tuned.

    (BTW, feel free to use the comments on this entry to make further suggestions about how the GOtionary .)

    — mike

  2. Elin Waagen says:

    A brief comment – staff at the circulation desks find the GO links to be very useful in referring our users to LIS pages and resources. Quick – and easy to remember.

  3. Carrie Macfarlane says:

    The GOtionary has returned, better than ever! Read this for details: Create your own GO shortcuts!

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