More office supplies

More pencil sharpeners and more expo markers (that work) in study rooms. Sell basic supplies- pens, paper, highlighters, etc. (2 requests)


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  1. Terry Simpkins says:

    We will try to do better about keeping the study rooms supplied with markers.

    Selling supplies is actually somewhat more complicated than you might think. We have had some brief discussions about installing a vending machine for this sort of stuff, and we can revisit those discussions, but to be honest, I don’t anticipate we’ll be adding this service in the near future. Sorry!

    The book store and MiddXpress do both sell supplies of this sort, of course.

  2. Carrie Macfarlane says:

    Regarding dry erase markers: We’ve been trying to do better with keeping these stocked. In addition, there are extras at the Information Desk in the atrium, so if you need one then you can ask for it there. We’ll put a sign next to each white board telling people that additional markers are available at the Info Desk.

  3. Carrie Macfarlane says:

    Regarding a vending machine for office supplies: After much inquiry, we have determined that our vending machine company still doesn’t have a machine that can sell office supplies, and they are not inclined to offer one in the future. We’ll continue to investigate alternatives for the library. (Again, the book store and MiddXpress are, of course, an option for you.)

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