People need to stop leaving their stuff in carrels when they’re not there. People cannot just move into a carrel-other people need to use them too!!


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  1. Bryan Carson says:

    Yes, the libraries are getting more crowded as exams and course deadlines approach. Check out these comments, written TO students BY students in spring 2008:

    “Please take your stuff with you when you leave (even if it’s only for an hour)”

    “Can people not MOVE IN to the carrels? Other people need them, too!”

    “Don’t leave things in group study lounges”

    You can expect to find books and other research materials at assigned carrels (the ones with lockers), but carrels that are not assigned should be left empty and available for others when you are not there. Circulation and Stacks staff routinely clear abandoned materials from unassigned carrels, but during busy periods you may find you need to share — if no one is sitting at a carrel then simply place the materials on the carrel shelf and use the desk. If you need help with mediation, you may ask at the Circulation Desk.

    Also remember that unattended personal items (phones, iPods, laptops) are vulnerable to theft. You can borrow a locker for temporary storage.

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