Move ‘how-to’ box in blog

You might want to place the How-To box (see below) right at the top of the lis suggestions blog, so new-comers will know how to submit comments.

How to add content to this blog:

* To add a comment to a posting, click the “Comments” link below the posting.
* To submit a new posting, send a message to

Submitted by: J. Simmons.

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2 Responses to “Move ‘how-to’ box in blog”

  1. Carrie Macfarlane says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Right now we’re using a template that automatically puts text such as the ‘how-to post’ advice in the lower left. We’re including instructions on how to respond in every post, but perhaps we can do more…we’ll keep thinking about this!

  2. Michael Roy says:

    We should also allow people to make suggestions via a webform, since it isn’t always convenient to have to login to email just to make a suggestion.

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