Languages Advisory Group – Notes from January 26, 2011 Meeting

Attending: Joy Pile, Enrique Garcia (co-conveners), Orlaith Creedon (French),  Rivi Handler-Spitz (Chinese), Stefano Mula (Italian), Brenda Ellis (LIS), Bryan Carson (LIS), Alex Chapin (LIS)

  • Brenda Ellis described the Information literacy initiative (research and tech skills development and assessment) and document created by a team within LIS, as a response to the re-accreditation process.
  • Alex Chapin and Bryan Carson described the “course hub” and detailed what has been complete to date, and the rest of the time line for that project. They also talked about Course management systems (Segue replacement) and the pilot project. For the most current information on this topic read the Segue to Segue blog.
  • Joy Pile gave a brief overview of digital and other sources Midd users have access to through  CRL

Next Meeting:

The next meeting of this group will be scheduled for the end of April.

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