May SLAC Notes

The Student LIS Advisory Group met in May. Here are our notes:

May 2009

1. We’ll try to meet two weeks into the fall semester in order to get right to work. Pathik will contact Mike when he arrives to work on scheduling and agenda.

2. Proposed Agenda topics for next year:

a) print management: How to establish policy? What sorts of controls are possible? What to do about coursepacks? How to handle students who print for departments or student groups? We’ve set up a website at to keep track of issues and encourage discussion.

b) gmail: We’ll want to engage the community right away in the discussion of whether or not we want to move to google apps for students. We have most of the technology in place for this; we need to think through the policy implications. We’ll set up a site soon to allow people to better understand what we’re thinking.

c) bannerweb improvements: It would be interesting to hear more from students about what they don’t like about bannerweb. There are limited options because of the constraints of the system, but as long as everyone recognizes that, it would be useful to find out what’s bugging people.

d) dvds in the library: We can continue to talk about how we can improve access to this collection.

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