Sciences Advisory Group Agenda, May 2009

When: Wednesday, May 20, 1:30-2:30
Where: MBH 331

1. Update on web makeover (10 min.)
2. Update on Segue (10 min.)
3. Discussion of research and technology instruction for students (40 min.)

In preparation for Wednesday’s meeting, would you ask your departments:  a) Do they feel that research and tech orientation should be mandatory for first-year students? b) Is there anything missing from the lists below?  I’ll ask my colleagues in LIS the same questions.

In our meeting, we can revise these lists based on what we hear from our colleagues, then decide on next steps.


What could be covered in research and tech orientation for first-year students?

1.  Research

a)   How to make use of what the Library offers in all formats—print & e-collections, NExpress, reserves, digital projects, etc.
b)  How to read citations and locate material
c)  How to recognize scholarly & popular publications,  primary & secondary resources
d)  How to evaluate information, regardless of source
e)  How to cite materials—and reasons for doing so
f)  How to use resources legally and ethically—avoiding plagiarism and copyright infringements

2.    Tech

a)  How to get tech help:  HelpDesk
b)  How to get to servers and shared files, the importance of backing up files:  Middfiles, Classes, course pages
c)  What are the wireless options on campus and how to use them:  midd_secure vs midd_unplugged
d) How to protect computer from viruses
g)  How to access campus network from off-campus
h)  Email:  College considers Midd email an official method of communication, if you use another email account then you must set up forwarding
i)   General awareness:  i. Protect your identity,  ii.  Protect your image, iii.   Protect your savings!  Don’t risk a lawsuit!  Don’t share music and videos you haven’t acquired legitimately.  In most cases, file-sharing to the internet is a violation of federal law if it involves copyrighted files

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