Languages Advisory Group Agenda, May 2009

When: Thursday, May 14, 4:00-5:00
Where: LIB 145

Web Makeover

  • How do you envision your Website?
  • Who is the point person for your Website?
  • Talk about 400 stories for White Whale.
  • Questions

Future Plans for Course Management Systems (Segue, etc.)

  • Announcements (aka sunsetting)
  • Questions and suggestions

Tracking issues (this is follow-up from action items)

  • Moodle / Measure (This is follow-upon Stefan Mulla’s and Sandra Carletti’s project.  Alex Chapin can answer questions.)
  • Wimba (and Wimba-like possibilities/ web-base video capture – Alex Chapin)
  • Questions

Topics for next year (time permitting)

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