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What should we use this blog for? – a proposal

I propose we use this blog to collect and discuss CT Team tasks.  Further, I propose we organize these blog posts/task into categories and tag them.  I think would be great if posts/tasks were highly granular, representing stuff anyone of us might be able to take on and complete without too much work…

For example, we could have a research category which might include posts such as:

  1. What is the best way to distribute presentation slides?
  2. Can a Google Doc be embedded in a WordPress blog?
  3. What is the best podcasting plugin for WordPress?
  4. What tools/services are available for web-based capture?
  5. Does Drupal have a UI for moving/copying content?

Here are categories I am thinking of:

Research (e.g. Is Moodle 2.0 ready for production?)
Review (e.g. WordPress 2.8)
Case Studies (e.g. Arabic School curricular resources)

I guess I am recommending we NOT use this blog for describing:
Recommendations (except in the form of positive reviews)

I think these sorts of things may be better tackled via team-based “collaborative peer production” using tools like Google Docs