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Automatic Update of Display Name Coming Soon

The “display name” (or alpha name) shown in the web directory, Outlook address book, etc. has in the past been set so that it could only be corrected or changed by a manual process. This will soon be modified so name changes entered into the Banner database will flow through the Active Directory table and subsequently update the web directory, Outlook, etc. where the alpha name is displayed in the format Last, First Middle.

There is much work being done by data stewards of the Banner database to ensure that people who have requested a specific “display name” in the past won’t have that name replaced by this change. Look for the “display name” changes to be automated as soon as this work is completed.

One enhancement as a result of this change which should help people out involves the “Preferred First Name” field in the Banner database. For records that have had this data entered into Banner, the “Preferred First Name” will be appended to the “display name” and will be enclosed in parentheses in the format Last, First Middle (Preferred First).