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Online Video

Submitted by Patty Hornbeck

LIS graduate interns Brendans Owen & Smith have started work on a portal for the lecture archive as well as enhancements to the search function in CONTENTdm which will allow browsing by subject and lecturer name.

ASP The Library’s subscription to Theatre in Video, a database of plays in streaming video from Alexander Street Press, was a pleasant surprise to students in Cheryl Faraone’s Theatre History class who are using it to view online several of the Greek dramas required for the course.

The first lecture of the 2008-09 Faculty Lecture Series was given on September 18 by David Stoll, Department of Sociology and Anthropology. That lecture, as well as an Athletics Department presentation by Dan Doyle, the founder of the Institute for International Sport, has been added to the lecture archive. If you have a chance, look at the multimedia presentation that precedes Professor Stoll’s lecture. As Media Services refine use of the Accordent video system you’ll see more of this.

The Internet Movie Database, a popular and comprehensive online database of global film information, is now offering free viewing of an advertised 6,000 feature films and television shows. Here’s a review of the service by Jason Kinkaid at TechCrunch.com.

Cite your work

Submitted by Mike Lynch

A new feature has been added to Midcat.  When viewing the full record of an item you will see a link labeled Cite this title (via OCLC). For most titles, clicking that link will take you to a page at OCLC which will show you the correct format for citing the title in a number of different styles, such as APA, MLA and Turabian.

Oherwise you’ll see a page indicating that citation information may not be available.

“I’m Nuts With A Web Site”: Grass Roots Phenomenon Remains To Be Seen

from Marcy Smith

Internet-based student written college guides are the Wikipedia-like resource for the prospective student on the proverbial college hunt.  While the new site Unigo does not offer a radical or even new view of Middlebury, it will be an interesting site to watch develop in terms of how this particular use of technology may impact our Admissions processes, if it catches on with college seekers.



LIS Re-org Update: Sept 2008

submitted by Mike Roy

I’m writing to provide an update on what’s happening with the plans I announced in August about re-organizing LIS.

1. Our goal is to have in place by late December/early January a solid definition of what the main areas of LIS should be, and in general, what services and functions will be associated with each area. As discussed at the all-staff meeting in August, we will likely expand the current number of areas.

2. Once we have these areas defined, we will initiate searches to find directors for any new areas that we intend to create.

3. After the new directors are on board, we’ll review, clarify, and detail workgroup responsibilities, relationships, and membership, taking into account our new areas.

4. We will also launch a set of cross-functional teams, and will be soliciting ideas for such teams via a private LIS blog that we’ve set up for this effort. We are also working with Human Resources to understand what is involved in supporting the work of such teams, and how to manage the workload of belonging both to a workgroup and a team.

5. We are asking each workgroup and each area director to develop SWOT reports [Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats] for their workgroups and area. While some directors and workgroup leaders may choose to approach this differently, I have asked that all staff be consulted and have input into this process. These SWOT reports will be read by the LIS management team (Mike, Carol, Jeff, Tom, Mary, Terry, and Doreen), as well by some members of President’s Staff, and a small team from Human Resources that is supporting our efforts. We have found some resources on how to do SWOT and have posted these on the blog that we’ve established for this project. If desired, we can also put together a brief workshop to help demystify the process. Please ask for help if you need it!

6. We are collecting examples of organizational charts from other colleges and universities, and will be sharing those via the blog. We ask that any of you who know of interesting and successful organizational models to also post them to the blog. (If you don’t know how to post to a blog, just send them to me and I’ll post them.)

7. We will be doing an external review of our enterprise systems; we’ll also pick up on the review from last year of our academic technology/library liaison/reference program. This activity will involve bringing in external consultants. As details of these reviews are developed, we’ll let everyone know what the plan is.

8. As we begin to collect ideas for teams, to find interesting organizational models from elsewhere, and to formulate our thoughts about new areas, we will hold a series of open meetings (one of which will take place during an evening) to allow everyone in LIS to contribute to our analysis. We will hold those in late October and November.

9. We will also be working with Human Resources this spring on a more extensive process to look in more detail at our various business processes within and among our workgroups and areas. We will invite them to come to a staff meeting to talk about what that process might entail, and to hear about how a similar process was developed for College Advancement.

10. My hope is to be as transparent and open in this process as possible, while also recognizing that a certain amount of discretion is needed in order for some people to feel free  to express themselves completely honestly. If you have concerns about this process, or ideas about how else we can be more inclusive in hearing from as many voices as possible, please feel free to let me know. And while I encourage everyone involved to be as open as they can in the process, and to not be afraid of public disagreement and debate, I also want to make sure that I hear from those who might not feel comfortable expressing themselves in this manner. To that end, if you feel you need to express your concerns confidentially, you can always direct them to me or to Deborah Francis, our HR Generalist.