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Questions from primary contact meetings

I thought I’d share with the team some questions my primary contacts had (or I had) after our initial meetings. Some of these questions are easily answered, and some raise other questions. I just thought I’d get them out to see what other people have been thinking about and discussing in their meetings. Maybe I’ll put a new section in the Wiki for LIS primary contact meetings FAQs…

  1. Will a link to my department/content exist on the LIS landing page?
  2. Will there be a “featured departments/events/exhibits/goings-on” spot on the LIS landing page?
  3. If I have an exhibit or event or online project being launched, can I advertize it on the LIS landing page?
  4. Can I name my part of the LIS site whatever I want? (What if I want to name it something other than what my department is called?) Can I separate out parts of my site as I see fit?
  5. Is creating my content in a Drupal page the best way to display and organize my department’s dynamic content (video, images, audio, etc.)?
  6. What if I want to use blogging tools than WordPress as part of my department’s web presence?
  7. How can I use MiddLabs, and other tools of the new College website to best communicate my department’s services and collaborative activities?