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Reseach: Twitter plugins for WordPress

The Helpdesk received a request for a WordPress Twitter plugin.  If we decide it would be good to have such a plugin, what kind of functionality would useful for the Midd community.  See:




Research: What is the best podcasting plugin for WordPress?

The Audio player plugin currently installed on Midd WordPress is pretty good.  I believe Adam made some modifications to it so that the audio file it uses is included in the post’s RSS enclosure tag so that RSS readers will download the audio files for that post.  For example, see James Morrison’s blog for his International Political Economy course

However there are probably better WordPress plugins for podcasting.  Would be curious to know what’s out there and reviews.  Best place to start for this sort of research is WordPress Plugin Directory

Research: WordPress Plugin for Displaying Google Docs

Wouldn’t it be great if Google Docs could be displayed in a blog or other content management system.  That way, a bunch of people could collaborate on a text which could be displayed on a blog for others to comment upon.  The comments on the blog could help inform the editing of the text.

Is there a WordPress plugin for displaying Google Docs?  If so how well does it work?  Is it well supported.