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LIS website content managers

As part of its charge, the LIS Website Team has identified staff who are willing and able to oversee the various sections of the LIS website. These people will:

  • Serve as main contact persons for questions about their sections of the site
  • Ensure their section of the site is current and accurate (which may involve delegating tasks to others).
  • Be aware of formatting, style, and other conventions used on the LIS/College web site and follow them when making changes.
  • Keep current with the necessary skills and tools do this (or receive training)
  • Consult with stakeholders before implementing major refresh & enhancements.

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MCMS Permissions and Google Analytics

MCMS Permissions

I’ve prepared a spreadsheet of MCMS editing permissions for the LIS website. This also includes the Telephone Services site, which is under /administration, rather than the rest of the LIS site, which is in /academics. The permissions are structured as a hierarchy, so if you are in the “(middcms) www – academics – lis” group, you can edit anywhere within the LIS site.

Here are what the roles means:

  • Channel Manager: can edit anywhere, approve all changes, and change the IA.
  • Editor: can make changes and publish their changes. Can approve changes by others.
  • Author: can make changes, but cannot approve changes for publication.
  • Resource Manager: can upload files (images/documents).
  • Subscriber: can view content (used for content in restricted channels).

Google Analytics

We only came up with 2.5 questions that we want answered by looking at the analytics. Do you have other suggestions for things we could look at? What are some key resources or pages on the site that we want to look at click paths to? To refresh everyone, here are the questions we came up with:

  1. What are the top 5 search terms, specific to the LIS site?
  2. What are the top 5 pages on the LIS site?
  3. What are the common click paths to [resource] on the LIS site?