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Manager’s meeting notes, Dec. 2011

Please note: having started out swimmingly by posting manager’s notes soon after our the November 2011 meeting where we promised to routinely post notes — mea culpa — I promptly forgot to add this to my list of weekly tasks.  So, following this will be posts containing notes through our April 2012 meeting, at which point I’ll be caught up and can be more timely with this in the future.  Thanks for your tolerance. Continue reading

Notes from Manager and Team Leader’s Meeting: September 2011

Here are the notes from this month’s manager’s meeting:
  1. We reviewed and added to the ‘what’s new this fall’ document. (See http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/2011/09/08/what%E2%80%99s-new-or-will-be-new-this-fall/ )
  2. We reviewed the process for goal setting. All workgroup and team leaders will post their goals to the LIS strategic planning site by October 1. In addition, they will update their FY11 goals with a final status update by October 1. This year, we will check in on the status of goals on a quarterly basis.
  3. Mike talked about the theme for the year: the 4 Ss. They are simple, secure, stable, and sustainable. While we gear up for a more ambitious campus-wide technology planning that will start in the next year, this year we want to focus our attention on making what we have simpler for our users, more secure, more stable, and sustainable. While this theme will inform our approach, it is worth noting that we will no doubt also take on new projects that arise naturally either from these themes, or from demands from our campus partners.
  4. Chris Norris gave a tutorial on the latest version of the project directory. The new directory is using a platform called Roadmap. We have agreed that going forward, all LIS projects will be listed in the project directory.

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Notes from July Manager’s Meeting

We had a manager’s meeting this month. Here’s what we discussed:

1. Goal Setting Process

Mary Backus led a discussion on the goal setting process for LIS. Her presentation is available at http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dg3d3j83_10ck44mfgj . Milestones for the process are: Area and Team Goals due at end of July. Workgroup goals due at end of August. Individual goals reworked to fit into this new framework at end of September. Area and workgroup goals to be vetted by FLAC and SLAC in time for budget development process.

2. LIS Focus Document

Mike Roy shared a draft of the LIS Focus document that is revised on a quarterly basis. The document is open for comments on the LIS Blog at http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/2010/07/14/updated-lis-focus-document-draft/ .

Agenda for 20 May Manager’s Meeting

1. Discuss assessment pilot projects (see https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AYZPHKugPdOiZGNzdDV0aDNfMjVnNnpma2ZmMg&hl=en )

2. Discuss annual planning calendar (see http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/2010/05/19/annual-planning-calendar/ )

3. Brainstorm ideas for how to orient new staff members to LIS (we’ll post the list of ideas to the blog after the meeting)

Notes from the March Manager’s Meeting

We had a manager’s meeting this month and talked about the following items:

1. Communications: We had a lengthy discussion about how we communicate within LIS, and continue to debate the relative merits of creating a private blog just for LIS, of re-introducing an email version of LISt, and in general the challenges of keeping people up-to-date about what’s going on within LIS, both so that we have the information we need to do our work, and so that we can know what conversations and decisions are on the horizon in order to have a chance to have input in advance. We’ll discuss further at an upcoming staff meeting before we make any changes. (Feel free to weigh in here via comments or via email if you have thoughts on this.)

2. Project Directory: We looked at the project directory and committed to getting the data updated in time for an April launch.

3. Priorities: We discussed a draft of a document entitled “LIS Priorities: Spring 2010 and beyond” which I created to help communicate the major projects and activities that we are focused on right now. That document lives at http://docs.google.com/View?id=dhb56n4x_129f9pmqt7g . The hope is that by publishing such a list quarterly that we as an organization can all know what the top priorities are. (We are still working on figuring out a reasonable process for actually establishing these priorities in consultation with the rest of the Middlebury community. More on that later!)

— mike