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Preview of Next Version of Shadowbox Theme

I attended part of the LIS website team meeting today and gave a presentation of the ShadowBox theme and some of the new features that will be available in the next version including updates to author pages, more custom header options and most importantly, higher contrast text in comment fields.  I also gave a preview of some new ShadowBox variations based on the new college website design.  Below is a screencast from that meeting:

LIS Annual Report: July 2008- June 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Months in the making, our annual report is now available on-line at http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/files/2009/10/2009-LIS-Annual-Report.pdf  for your reading pleasure. Thanks to Doreen for all of her hard work in putting this together, to all who contributed their words to this document, and to all for all the hard work that is documented within. It’s an impressive list of accomplishments!

We are already working on compiling next year’s report, with the hope that by writing throughout the year we won’t have to struggle to pull it all together at the end of the year.

— mike

Presenting the new LIS Blog

The LIS Web Team is pleased to announce the unified LIS blog, a new and effective way to communicate with both our colleagues in LIS and with our community of users.
As part of the LIS web site make-over, the Web Team – with the support of our AD’s and our team sponsor – recommended that our many LIS blogs be combined into one. LIS website feedback this summer indicated that staff wanted it to be easier to find relevant work updates, and we think that having a unified LIS blog will help meet this need. Continue reading

LIS Website Team – Recommendations

Submitted by Elin Waagen

The web team met recently with the LIS Area Directors and our team sponsor, Jeff Rehbach to present our recommendations for the new LIS web presence.
The recommendations incorporated many hours of research and discussion by team members – in meetings and on the team blog and wiki. The recommendations were informed by user patterns, surveys and statistics, feedback from our LIS colleagues and the recommendations from White Whale. We received the enthusiastic support of the AD’s to move ahead with our recommendations. Thank you Jeff and the AD’s! :-)
The recommendations document can be found here.
In addition, the team has identified primary contacts for the major content areas of the LIS web site and we are currently working with primary contacts to develop the major content areas of the LIS website. Please feel free to be in touch with your primary contact for more information relating to your specific area of the website. LIS primary contact information can be found here.
Many thanks to you all for your valuable input into the recommendations.
Stay tuned for exciting new developments!
We welcome your comments and ideas.
Ian, Barbara, Jim, Liz, Doreen, Jess, Carrie and Elin
The LIS Website Team

Curricular Technology Team Progress Report

Submitted by Alex Chapin

Part of the re-organization of LIS was the introduction of “teams.”  Teams consist of individuals from different areas within LIS who are brought together to take on a particular project or initiative or area of activity not covered by a single functional area. Last June, LIS introduced three teams, one focused on the LIS website, another on digitization and another on curricular technology.











The Curricular Technology team has been meeting once a week since its formation. The team spent a fair amount of time just figuring out its mission, “to research, evaluate and recommend technologies for teaching and learning” and to come up with some sort of vision, an elevator pitch if you will.  Once these were in place we posted them to our blog and have been documenting our work ever since.

Currently, we have a lot of projects we are working on simultaneously.  Many of these are focused on gathering information about curricular technology needs at Middlebury.  We’ve already began to document what we think we know about technology needs, what we think we need to verify and what we really don’t know. We have also been compiling a “matrix” of features we think are important for technologies that support teaching, learning and research and have been analyzing how technology is currently being used in the curriculum.

What we really need to do now is talk to people, many different people, faculty, staff, students, administrators and find out what the community wants and thinks it needs in the area of educational technology. In doing so, we may need to educate people about what is possible with current technologies and what may be possible with emerging technologies.  It is likely we’ll follow the lead of the web redo project.  We hope to publish a survey soon that will begin to ask some basic questions.  We likely follow up with invitations to join focus groups.

We invite you to visit the Curricular Technology Team blog regularly or put it in your favorite RSS reader and join in on the conversation.

Vote on LISterine Workshops

We’re planning next year’s program for LISterine workshops , and we want your help.  What do YOU want to learn?  Use the LISterine Feedback Forum to suggest and vote on workshop topics. You get 10 votes–so vote early and often!  You can come back later and change your votes, too.

A note to the specialists in the audience:  If you see a topic you could present on, please expect that we’ll come after you if that topic rises to the top of the list!  Vote accordingly.

Visit it now:  LISterine Feedback Forum