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“Plug-In, Log-In” Reminder for Faculty/Staff Members!

With Spring semester beginning, we find ourselves amidst a busier laptop checkout period. We would like to remind all laptop borrowers that before you leave the library, each computer (Mac and/or PC) will need to be hooked up to our ethernet cord, along with a power connector at the desk, so you are able to type your user name/password. This process allows you to access your files in wireless mode while you are off campus. We will remind you of this when you come to the Circulation Desk, but please keep this in mind as well. We want you to enjoy your laptop borrowing experience without inconveniences.

Good news! You can print from your laptop!

laptopIf the document you need to print is in Word, Excel, or PDF format, you can upload it from your laptop or desktop to a print queue via a web interface and then release it from the release stations, eliminating the step of having to print it from a library or lab computer.
Here’s how!
To print from your laptop when on the campus network:
Connect to http://go.middlebury.edu/papercut
Logon with your Middlebury [email] username/password
From the lefthand menu, select “Web Print”
Click on “Submit a Job >>”
Select a printer from the list
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “2. Print Options and Account Selection”
Specify number of copies, if you’d like
Click on “3. Upload Document”
Click on “Browse” to select the document on your computer that you wish to have printed
Click on “Upload & Complete”

Please contact the Technology Help Desk with any questions.

New Video and Laptop Viewing Equipment at Armstrong Library

Submitted by Judy Watts

Students asked, and we provided!

Thanks to Dean Cadoret and others, Armstrong Library group study rooms now have equipment for video and laptop viewing.  For computer use, researchers can bring their own laptops or check out a laptop from the Circulation Desk.  For videos, a DVD player/VCR is already in the room.

This is another outcome based on feedback received from the Post-It note bulletin board Carrie MacFarlane did at Armstrong last year. Carrie and Brendan Owen, Digital Media Intern, will be doing a presentation on this effort next week at The October Conference , Space 2.0 : Small-Scale Library Redesign Projects, at Dartmouth.

Nice teamwork, Carrie and Brendan!