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The LIS Web Site Team

The LIS Web Team has been charged with creating a new, vibrant, interactive, intuitive, inviting and easy to access, easy to use and easy to maintain LIS web presence. No problem! :-)
In order to facilitate communication within the team, and with colleagues, work groups, work areas, the College community and our users, we created a new blog – the LIS Website Project – in the Middlebury Blogsphere . Check us out!

LIS Acquires an ILL Digitization System

Submitted by Joe Toth

LIS has acquired from DLSG (http://www.dlsg.net/) a digitization system that will simplify and speed up interlibrary loan processing. It consists of a Bookeye 2 Color Planetary Scanner with overhead scan design and scan/print electronics that include auto-focus and book-fold correction to safeguard book bindings and to increase scanning efficiency. The scanner also has automatic centering and border removal, as well as text and photographic scan modes. The second component of the system is BSCAN ILL production capture software designed for interlibrary loan departments. It permits staff to scan, review, and rescan items very rapidly, while its image cleanup features provide optimum image quality. It also reads barcoded loan request sheets and automatically sends scanned articles to requestors through Ariel or ILLiad, a highly desired combining of processing steps will make ILL staffers smile! ILL will use the grayscale and color modes sparingly, as they produce files often too large for libraries to receive; however, since this refurbished machine cost less than a new black and white model with a smaller bed, we thought the additional size and features could be used to support in-house projects. The scanner has a 400 DPI maximum, as it is not the manufacturer’s newest model.

Mary Ruth’s Last Day – June 12, 2009

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

How do you create a disturbance in the collection management area?  Sneak up on Mary Ruth on her last day of work upon retiring and catch her working! Boy was she surprised by the camera and sneaky photographer. 


But wait, what’s that commotion?  Kristin and Joanne can’t wait for their own retirment day and they get in on the celebration!


 But wait…another retiree.  Judy jumps in and now no one can keep a straight face.


Ok stop clowning around – now its time for the (relatively) serious shot


And finally, Mary Ruth and her long-time colleague Bill Warren pose for their own photo.


What a day!  We will miss all our retires – it won’t be as fun here without them.  More photos can be found on the server in the path N:\Orgs\LIS\LISstaff\People & Social\MaryRuth Crawford Retirement.